Sixyear 760M spending for Canadian embassy security in fiscal update

first_imgOTTAWA – Canada’s foreign embassies and diplomatic outposts are getting new funds to bolster their security and some analysts say it is badly needed.The money is earmarked in Tuesday’s economic update.The need for increased embassy security was highlighted in briefing material for the Trudeau government when it first assumed power in 2015.But high-profile terror attacks around the world since then have underlined the need for added security.They include a 2016 blast in Kabul that killed more than a dozen private security guards from Nepal while they were on their way to work at the Canadian embassy.The new spending amounts to $760 million over six years, with a peak in spending of $156 million in 2019-20.Global Affairs said the money will be used to upgrade physical infrastructure and enhance protection measures, including security guards, metal detectors, surveillance equipment, intelligence systems, and IT and cyber capabilities.“This new funding will enable Global Affairs Canada to proactively respond to evolving threats in a volatile global security environment,” spokesperson Brittany Venhola-Fletcher said in an email.The fiscal update does not say where the money will be spent, but a 2016 government report identified the Middle East and Africa as areas where security was a leading priority.A briefing note prepared in late 2015 for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s newly elected government said the cost of keeping Canadian diplomats safe was rising faster than the government had predicted. The memo said Canadian diplomats face “evolving risks at a time when security resources are diminishing.”Then-foreign affairs minister Stephane Dion said protecting Canada’s diplomats was his top priority.In March 2016, the government said in a plans and priorities report that a threat assessment on more than 170 missions was nearing completion.Stephen Saideman, an international affairs expert at Carleton’s University, raised questions about the time it took to find the money for new embassy security.“The thing about this government is: they take their time on pretty much everything,” said Saideman, of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs.“So I’m not surprised that it took two years to do this, but it’s clear they’ve discovered they have more money than expected.”The new funds for Global Affairs Canada were part of almost $15 billion in new spending announced by Finance Minister Bill Morneau.The update was buoyed by a financial bump that gave the federal government $46.6 billion more than expected over five years to spend or put towards the deficit.Gar Pardy, a retired Canadian diplomat who served in Central America, said the spending increase is significant and will likely include extra measures at diplomatic residences.“A hundred million dollars, in foreign affairs terms, is a lot of money for any program, on an annual basis,” said Pardy.“For the last number of years, the foreign affairs budget has been under great strain. Maybe it’s a bit of catch-up involved in this kind of money.”In recent years, the government cited security concerns when it closed embassies in Syria, Libya and Iran.The last Canadian diplomat to die in the line of duty was Annemarie Desloges, who was killed in Kenya during a 2013 terrorist attack on a Nairobi shopping mall that claimed the lives of dozens of people.last_img read more

Former DIG Nalaka de Silva grilled for nearly nine hours

He left the CID office this evening after being questioned and is to appear before the CID again tomorrow. (Colombo Gazette) Former Police Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Nalaka de Silva was questioned by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) for nearly nine hours today.Nalaka de Silva appeared before the CID this morning to be questioned over an alleged plot to assassinate the President and other VVIPs.

Dont Let OpEds Ruin Baseball

The New York Times on Wednesday published an op-ed with the headline “Don’t Let Statistics Ruin Baseball.” Some of the baseball nuts at FiveThirtyEight staff couldn’t contain themselves after reading it. Here’s an edited transcript of our Slack conversation.cwick: This is the kind of thing that gets our attention around here. A sample of the op-ed: “Thanks to ‘Moneyball’ and stats-driven fantasy leagues, advanced statistics have changed how fans think about the game. On the whole that’s a positive trend — but not when the numbers begin to eclipse a more nuanced appreciation of baseball.” Nate, you created FiveThirtyEight for all sorts of reasons, but surely it has no more sacred duty than to respond to this piece. What’s a sabermetrician to think about this op-ed?natesilver: One litmus test for any writer: Does he know his subject? Steve Kettmann might know a lot about baseball, but he doesn’t know very much about baseball statistics. For instance, he describes how wins above replacement compares a player against “some hypothetical median player, the ‘replacement.’” Actually, it compares him against a replacement-level player, who is way worse than the median major leaguer.He doesn’t describe fielding independent pitching (FIP) correctly. Its goal is not to provide a “broader measure of a pitcher’s performance than the traditional E.R.A.” Rather, it’s to measure how effective a pitcher is independent of his defense (fielding) — as its name implies!On the other hand, he favorably cites “a previously obscure statistic: batting average against relievers.” That statistic hasn’t become much less obscure — it’s not something that we stat geeks are talking about very much. And that’s because we know it’s probably just random noise. Batting average is noisy enough, let alone when you cut the sample size by two-thirds.The point being, the better advanced statistics are all about deepening our understanding of how the game is played. If a pitcher has a 2.85 ERA, is he really good — or is it the defense behind him? That’s what FIP can tell us (although there are better ways now to account for the impact of positional defense).By contrast, when statistics were cited in, say, the 1980s or 1990s, they were mostly just trivial crap. “Claudell Washington is 6-for-25 on cloudy days against left-handed relief pitchers with runners in scoring position.” Shit like that. Totally useless and distracting. And there were dozens of them on every broadcast.carl: Nate’s response shows how these debates are always about which numbers people arbitrarily approve and which ones they don’t. You can’t have baseball without numbers. How would you count strikes, outs, runs and wins?cwick: Right, there have always been stats in the game because the game is such a structured one. Baseball happens in discrete steps. There’s an action and there’s an outcome. Pitcher throws, it’s either a ball, a strike, a foul, a hit, or an out. (Or some other possibility I’ve overlooked.) That creates stats that are robust and complete. Stats can’t help but bubble up and out of those.benm: As I understand it, he is all for statistical advancement of baseball to enhance understanding of the game and quality of competition and other more utility-based purposes, he just objects to the obsession with statistics from an aesthetic perspective. He compares it to listening to a symphony: There’s nothing wrong with understanding how the tuba works or how many clarinets you need, but when you’re there in the audience, you should just let the music wash over you and appreciate it.I find watching baseball tedious in part because I feel like nothing I’m seeing in front of me matters — and I can trace this back to when I was young and learned the factoid that the difference between a good hitter and a bad hitter was “one hit a week.” So if I had a more robust appreciation of the non-statistical aesthetic quality of baseball, it might make it easier to enjoy a game.But the other way it cuts is that, without statistics, I probably wouldn’t be interested in baseball at all. Like many people, my fandom started out with baseball cards. Fast-forward 30 years, and while I’m not as nutty about the game as some of my colleagues, I still take time to follow the fascinating statistical developments in the league, and can appreciate Mike Trout or Billy Beane’s greatness in a way that has something of an aesthetic aspect for me.carl: Like with so many of these pieces, the headline and opening are more radical than the author seems to really be. For example, this is pretty hard to argue with, unless you’re a straw man: “There is a risk that numbers become an end in themselves, and arcane stats proliferate. A good rule of thumb is that the more a stat relies on abstraction, the less likely it’s going to be consistently useful to a wide audience.”rarthur: I agree with @carl. These pieces always boil down to, “This is the exact, right, perfect amount of numeric detail that should be permitted in the game.” And it’s never clear why we should have stopped at batting average/RBIs/saves, as opposed to moving on to more accurate and more descriptive statistics.carl: The related point is that the stats that seem “traditional” (to use his word) just have to do with familiarity, not how arcane they are. The definitions of saves — which itself seemed radical to some when it was introduced — RBIs and pitcher wins are arcane and arbitrary.cwick: @carl, I hear you, but I think there are some passages in here that are pernicious in their misinterpretation of sabermetrics. “When it comes to watching a matchup of, say, the Mets pitcher Matt Harvey and Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins, statistical analysis is about as helpful in deepening an appreciation of the human drama unfolding before us as it would be for a Pavarotti aria.” PITCHf/x data and Stanton’s BABIP have a ton to tell us about that matchupcarl: @cwick, that’s only pernicious if we assume that statistical analysis can’t help us appreciate an aria. The jury is out on that. Where’s opera’s Bill James?cwick: @carl that’s a story for you!ollie: You’ve all nailed the statistical points. I’d like to mention something else. Kettmann seems very concerned with our attention spans. Let’s take his analogy of music, and going to the symphony to hear Mahler’s Ninth. I need to pay attention. To clear my mind. How would I enjoy it otherwise? But if I knew that disease plagued Mahler’s mother and 13 siblings, or that he had an abusive father, or that he was obsessed with death, and that the last line of that symphony’s score reads “ersterbend” — German for “dying away” — I’m going to appreciate the piece of music more, not less. This echoes how I feel watching Anthony Rizzo bat knowing that he had an OPS+ of 163 against lefties last year, or whatever. Statistics are a complement, not a substitute.rarthur: Right, @ollie. Above and beyond that, I would never presume to tell a music theorist that it was incorrect to be thinking about notes and scales while listening to an aria. You can enjoy it the way you want to. If you prefer not to know the statistical underpinnings of baseball, no one is forcing you to learn them.natesilver: @rarthur: Actually the music theorists are pretty damned interesting when you corner them at a party!carl: @ollie and @rarthur — totally agree. His implication is that quantitative context is less valuable — less artistic, less charming — than qualitative context. That’s personal taste.cwick: Well, Kettmann’s point is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult not to pay attention to the stats, @rarthur. Which I sympathize with — I’m the words guy at a numbers site! But his argument comes across as a Luddite’s. “The art of hitting a baseball starts with emptying the mind. As Jonathan Fader, a psychologist who works with Mets players, told me: ‘Essentially, what we’re trying to do in sports psychology is helping people to not think.’ Fans and writers need to adopt a similar attitude.”natesilver: Some of this is just plain old anti-intellectualism. Us nerds want to understand how the world works. Statistics are one way to do that, but not the only one. @carl, you’ll remember when we were at the US Open last year and I was constantly peppering you with tennis questions. Some of them were stats-y questions and some weren’t. I just wanted to learn more about tennis. I’m curious about the world, both as a “fan” and as a journalist.carl: Yeah, @natesilver, I think we nerds are fine with people who don’t want to understand the sport or opera or whatever they’re watching. They should be fine with those who do. We can all sit side by side and enjoy the game. Except for those terrible tweeting/texting/Googling press-box reporters.ollie: Or the guy on his phone at the symphony, @carl.carl: @ollie probably checking Which is available. We should buy it before Sean Forman does.cwick:, obvs. (God, that might be the nerdiest joke I’ve ever made.)carl: Also available.benm: I know that a musician may appreciate Bach in a way that I can’t. But I think the visceral experience is still very immediate for them, so I don’t think that would be inconsistent with Kettman’s argument. I presume that in his ideal world, we all understand these stats but don’t let them be the main thing we appreciate when watching. They should be more like butter or MSG than like steak or fish.natesilver: @carl: I’m totally fine with the dude who just goes to the game with his friends and drinks about 5 beers and cheers when the home team hits a home run. Sometimes that’s me! I’m NOT fine with journalists who are incurious about the world, however.david: I think Ben hit on something important. This argument — and I can understand both sides — reflects opposing approaches to life. Some people appreciate these events — whether Mahler, Springsteen, or baseball — at the purely sensual, aesthetic level, and don’t see any need for their cerebral cortex to interfere in that appreciation. Others need to find deeper patterns and hidden movement in everything they see, and those patterns are usually there to be found. Each approach is legitimate, but the two sides will never really understand each other.rarthur: I would challenge the idea that the two sides can’t understand each other. At its best, baseball (or perhaps sports more generally) bridges the gap and allows you to experience both a statistics-driven and purely aesthetic enjoyment. In the World Series Game 7 last year, as Madison Bumgarner pitched inning after inning, I was simultaneously trying to calculate whether it was a good idea to bring him back out and also just enjoying how awesome, how calm, how controlled he was. And I was thinking about him pitching up in the zone, and about how Sal Perez was tired and injured, and everything all at once.natesilver: On one level, I agree with Kettmann about the aesthetics of actually going to a sporting event. Some of the scoreboards — like the new Jumbotron at Wrigley — are overkill. They rarely abide by good principles of information design, which usually means clean, somewhat minimalist presentations that fit naturally into their environments.carl: My ideal world would not be one in which I or Kettman or anyone else decides how we should appreciate baseball, music or anything else. I think in our current, suboptimal world, there are plenty of ways for him and for like-minded fans to avoid the statistical distractions he dislikes — apparently, according to @natesilver, by avoiding Wrigley.natesilver: @carl: It’s really about distractions in general, and not statistical distractions. I like going to soccer games because it’s a very clean experience. At the World Cup at Maracanã in Rio, there weren’t a lot of statistics. But there also weren’t a lot of distracting PA announcements, or cheap gimmicks, or anything else.So give me a clean experience at the ballpark — I really don’t need to see Bumgarner’s FIP on the center field scoreboard. But also give me a fast Wi-Fi connection in case I’m in “curious nerd” mode and have something I want to look up.cwick: @natesilver’s prescription for baseball’s future: Wi-Fi in stadiums We reached out to Steve Kettmann for a response to our conversation. It’s below:Thanks for seeking me out and asking me to offer a response. I see far more common ground between the view I articulated in the piece and your arguments than I might have expected. For example, I loved the discussion of how knowing more about Mahler only adds to the experience of listening to the music — but I’d point out that usually you read the program (and the biography) before the lights go down and the music starts. My piece does not argue against having statistical analysis in mind during the watching of a game; it argues against not even bothering to watch the game, because the action on the field is considered irrelevant. Benm states directly he finds “watching baseball tedious in part because I feel like nothing I’m seeing in front of me matters.” Wow! We can all enjoy baseball, even with differing perspectives on how best to understand it, but anyone who says they find watching events on the field to be “tedious” to me does not really love baseball, they love the playground of numbers the game provides. Are the players just numbers to you? That’s seriously what you’d like people to believe? I don’t buy it. My reference to Jonathan Fader and the mental side of baseball is characterized as anti-intellectual, because I talk about the importance of “not thinking.” It does not bother me if the esteemed crew responding to my op-ed has other areas of interest than the question of how baseball players do what they do, but in fact the mental side of performance is the big uncovered story in baseball and in sports. More and more teams, in all sports, are hiring mental-strength coaches and counselors. Ignore all of this, if you like, but others might find it thought-provoking.Nate Silver accuses me of being “incurious about the world” for daring to question how much is too much. I was an Oakland A’s beat writer for the San Francisco Chronicle from 1994 to 1998 and had a front-row seat to watch the unfolding relationship between the young Billy Beane and his mentor, Sandy Alderson, who introduced Beane to Bill James and Eric Walker and advanced statistical analysis. I’ve spent four years researching that period for my book “Baseball Maverick,” published this week by Grove Atlantic.My argument in the Times is in part based on a distillation of what Alderson himself would say. Alderson believes that the human side matters; that you learn from close study of advanced statistics, but you also tune into human elements. Talking today with Jonah Keri for his podcast, Alderson observed “most analysts believe the intangibles are subsumed in the numbers. But I’m not sure that’s the case.”Look, we’re all media savvy here and understand writers write articles, editors write headlines. I think, as I observed, that the application of advanced statistical analysis to baseball is a boon to the game, and is providing tremendous energy that is shaping the way the game is played — and the way the game is understood. Where I part ways with some of you is simply in whether it’s worth watching the games themselves: I was lucky enough to spend a summer at the New Yorker working with the great Roger Angell, and I will always be a fan of his close observation of the details of a baseball game. I’m saying: Can’t we have it all? Love stats, but don’t forget also to love the quirky little details of a baseball game as it develops in real time. Editor’s Note: For the record, all of us (except maybe benm) enjoy watching baseball. Bonus Podcast: Nate Silver Talks with Steve KettmannAudio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.This conversation will also air in this week’s episode of “Hot Takedown” — FiveThirtyEight’s new sports podcast. read more

Germans with victory and draw against Sweden in Hamburg

Two games, one German win and tie against Sweden are conclusion of the preparation weekend in Hamburg. In the first match, Germany easily beat Sweden 26:20, but boys of Martin Heuberger didn’t find proper rhytm for the second clash – 28:28 (15:16).Germany: Heinevetter, Lichtlein; Kneer (3), Roggisch, Wiencek (2), Reichmann (4), Schmidt (4/3), Fäth, Theuerkauf (3), Groetzki, Weinhold (3), Strobel (1), Haaß (2), Pfahl (4), Klein (2), ChristophersenSweden: Palicka, Appelgren; Olsson (2), Tellander (1), Barud, Ekberg (3/2), Stenbäcken, Karlsson, Jakobsson (6), Fahlgren (5), Petersen (2), Lönn (4), Zachrisson (1), Tingsvall, Nilsson (1), Nielsen (3)Results:5:2 (6.), 6:6 (10.), 8:9 (15.), 13:11 (23.), 14:15 (28.), 15:16 – 16:16 (32.), 20:18 (36.), 23:23 (49.), 24:25 (51.), 26:26 (57.), 27:28 (60.), 28:28. ← Previous Story Brazilian left wing Da Rocha to ZRK Vardar Skopje Next Story → Polish National Team wins tournament in Brno German NTMartin HeubergerSpain 2013 read more

Ecigs banned in nations biggest shopping centre

first_imgBLANCHARDSTOWN CENTRE, Ireland’s largest shopping centre, has outlawed the use of e-cigarettes outside of smoking areas.The practice of using e-cigarettes, known as ‘vaping’, has come under fire in recent times and there has been suggestions that it needs to be regulated.Marketing manager for Blanchardstown Centre Mercy Prendergast said: “The use of electronic cigarettes in doors could have a health impact. There are health issues that haven’t been looked into.“Some of the stores in the centre do sell them…. people are still permitted to use the e-cigarettes in the designated smoking areas.”The ban follows on from a number of public service bans of vaping. Irish Rail banned the use of e-cigarettes on its services in February of this year, with Dublin Bus following suit in March. Both company cited an anti-smoking policy as a reason for the ban, fearing the devices could cause confusion.The HSE banned the use of e-cigarettes in May this year. At the time the HSE’s National Director of Health and Wellbeing Dr. Stephanie O’Keeffe said: “The HSE can only recommend safe and effective products and strategies for quitting smoking, and there currently is no conclusive evidence that e-cigarettes are safe for long-term use, or are effective as a smoking cessation aid.”The government is currently in the process of introducing restrictions on the sale of e-cigarettes. This would include banning their sale to under-18s. The proposal for this legislation was brought to cabinet by Health Minister James Reilly last month.READ: The government is going to regulate the sale of e-cigaretteREAD: E-cigarettes will be banned from hospital campuses in seven dayslast_img read more

Le TaiChi aurait des bienfaits sur les douleurs darthrite

first_imgLe Tai-Chi aurait des bienfaits sur les douleurs d’arthriteUne étude américaine publiée ce week-end démontre les bienfaits du Tai-Chi, une gymnastique chinoise, sur les douleurs provoquées par l’arthrite.Le Tai-Chi est l’art martial qui serait le plus pratiqué au monde. Combinant art martial et relaxation, cette gymnastique douce venue tout droit de Chine a suscité la curiosité des médecins afin de déterminer quels bienfaits la discipline pouvait apporter. Ainsi, l’étude a porté sur 354 personnes, qui ont chacune identifié et expliqué les douleurs dont elles souffraient, et provenant de l’arthrite. Les participants ont ensuite été séparés en deux groupes, dont l’un a suivi deux séances de Tai-Chi par semaine, et cela durant huit semaines. Tandis que le second groupe a également bénéficié de séances de Tai-Chi, mais plus tard.Le résultat de cette étude est que la gymnastique serait favorable à l’apaisement des douleurs dues à l’arthrite. Ainsi, le Dr Leigh Callahan, principal auteur de l’étude, explique à l’AFP : “Notre recherche montre que les cours de Tai-Chi entraînent des bienfaits notables chez des personnes souffrant de toutes les formes d’arthrite y compris la fibromyalgie, l’arthrite rhumatismale et l’ostéo-arthrite. Nous avons fait le même constat chez des groupes de patients vivant en milieu rural comme urbain dans un État du sud et un État du nord-est très urbanisé”. Les principales améliorations observées seraient un moindre état de fatigue et de raideurs articulaires, et un bien-être plus important, ainsi qu’un meilleur sens de l’équilibre.Le 8 novembre 2010 à 18:28 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

I spoke to my son twice ONLY in 4 years –

first_imgThe mother of a Gambian migrant who went missing in Libya, said the time she last heard from her son was four years ago. “We communicated only twice after his departure and all I hear afterwards, were stories of him from colleagues he departed with. Some stories claim that he is captured and put in detention by militant fighters in Libya, whilst others speak of rumors of his death in the desert,” Saruba Badjie, a desperate and weary mother of three, told this reporter.Saruba Badjie resides in Brikama Town in Western Gambia. The mother of three including the son in Libya, is suffering from psychological trauma regarding the prolonged disappearance of her son, who according to her, headed for Europe since May 2014. Tapha Saine is the son of Saruba Badjie and he left for Europe through the infamous backway since May 2014, and went missing in North Africa a few months later.Saruba Badjie, who could hardly keep her voice steady when this reporter spoke to her, recounted the charm, hard work and responsibility in her son; that he would offer her extra hand in her garden as well as take care of the younger kids at home. Saruba who was in deep emotion, said she strongly believes that her son’s determination to succeed, motivated him to brave the dangerous of the Sahara desert, to journey abroad for the sake of the family.Painting a picture of how deep Tapha’s disappearance affects her mental wellbeing, the grief-stricken mother of three disclosed how she cries whenever his friends call their family members from Italy.“It’s really painful for me. I break cry anytime I hear his friends’ voices on the phone. They bring back memories of my son over and again,” she sobbed.Tapha’s story comes at a time when many young Gambians were risking their lives, taking the backway to reach Europe, without fully understanding the risks involved in this perilous journey. His story reminds us of families who lost track of their loved ones when they choose to make this dangerous journey and disappeared without trace.Saruba concluded by encouraging mothers, to advise against these risky adventures and hopes someone who reads this story, will help her trace her son.last_img read more

Wilmington OBITUARIES Week of June 30 2019

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here are the obituaries published on Wilmington Apple during the week of June 30, 2019:Lived In Wilmington At Time Of Passing:Peter M. Holmes, Jr., 88Previously Lived In Wilmington:Hobart W. Spring, Jr., 88Helen Constance (Waters) Washburn, 99Worked In/Volunteered In/Connected To Wilmington:NoneLike Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington OBITUARIES (Week of August 11, 2019)In “Obituaries”Wilmington OBITUARIES (Week of August 18, 2019)In “Obituaries”Wilmington OBITUARIES (Week of July 28, 2019)In “Obituaries”last_img read more

Mahogany Books Opens in Anacostia

first_imgThe love affair between Mahogany Books, Anacostia’s new African-American bookstore, and Washingtonians has proven itself a thing of classic passion rather quickly. Having opened its doors on Nov. 24, the 500-sq. ft. bookstore, located in the Anacostia Arts Center on Good Hope Road, has become a staple and wistful reminder of positive community spaces. At a time when brick and mortar book retailers have all but gone the way of the West African Black Rhinoceros, D.C. residents remain firmly attached to Black bookstores.“I think part of this is engrained in my wife and myself that moving away from the traditional bookstore was heart-wrenching. When my wife and I were dating, that was a date for us – meet at a bookstore and browse the shelves and have coffee,” Mahogany Books owner, Derrick Young told the AFRO. “Bookstores have always been a place of refuge, where you can go and relax and find knowledge or chill out. It’s a place of community.”Mahogany BooksYoung, who co-founded Mahogany Books alongside his wife, Ramunda, said it was important to provide a space where Blacks saw themselves represented positively and accurately – and within a community where access is often denied. “The core of what we want is social entrepreneurship; I wanted to create a legacy for my family by supporting them, but also paying forward what I received from my mentors. I grew up in Anacostia playing dodgeball in the street. This is home, so I want to give back and give opportunity,” Young said. “People here have the desire and the drive, but in many instances, they lack the access. Many are geniuses, yet the thing that doesn’t allow them to reach their full potential is access. That is what having a bookstore in Anacostia allows.”Candace Crews, a Virginia-based educator told the AFRO: “I believe that children, and really all people, need to see reflections of themselves in all aspects of life – including a bookstore, which is a community space. It is awesome that it is here. I live in Arlington and made a special trip over here just to offer my support.” Mahogany Books joins other Black-owned bookstores that are mostly located in Northwest D.C.Mahogany Books, named for the Young’s 11-year-old daughter, partners with Duende District, a D.C.-based pop-up bookstore that specialized in books written for, by, and about people of color including Latinx, Native American, and African cultures.Duende owner Angela Maria Spring told the AFRO that integrating spaces for people of color to share stories and experiences helps reset the gaze. “There are so many Latinx authors who have been writing and young people who did not know they existed. With so many second-generation Latinx young adults who speak Spanglish (a language that combines words and idioms from Spanish and English) it was important to introduce authors that write using it,”Spring, whose family is from Central America told the AFRO. “Also for African-American students receiving bilingual instruction, these books offer a cultural bridge between school lessons and their imaginations.”The bookstore is scheduled to have a formal grand opening in February during Black History Month.last_img read more

Japanese Company is Nice Enough To Console People It Turns Down For

first_imgStay on target Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. How AMC’s ‘The Terror’ Uses American History to Delive…33 Killed in Suspected Arson Attack on Kyoto Animation Studio in Japan center_img If you’ve ever been let go from a job, you already know all about the frustration that comes with finding a new gig. It’s even worse when you apply for a job and get turned down. If you even get a rejection letter, which is really something that doesn’t happen very often, it hurts to think that you weren’t good enough or got passed on for the job opportunity. That’s why it’s so refreshing that this one Japanese company, Kagome, was kind enough not only to let a potential employee down gently, but offered a nice little package as consolation for turning said new employee down.Kagome sent Japanese Twitter user @tutuanna888 a nice little package containing some modest yet useful food products. Kagome is a Japanese food and beverage company, so it makes sense that it would send out something related to its industry, but the fact that it sent something at all is a heartwarming story indeed.The surprised Kagome job hopeful received a written response from Kagome in the form of a printed note inside a package with tomato chicken seasoning and 100% tomato juice to help make her future food taste super delicious. The notecard with the package read:“We would like to offer our sincere thanks to you for applying to Kagome.We deeply appreciate your interest in us as an employer, and for taking the time to fill out the application form and prepare a resume. As a modest token of our gratitude, we have enclosed a selection of our products.We hope that you will continue to think favorably towards Kagome in the future.”カゴメが落ちた人に自社製品送ってくれるって、都市伝説じゃなかったんだ…何万通もESが来る大企業が、このおもてなし。嫌いになれるわけないよね。むしろもっと好きになった。サイレント企業見てるか?見習え?— Sara (@tutuanna888) April 28, 2018If that isn’t the most touching way to let potential employees know that they’re valued, I don’t know what is. More companies could take Kagome’s lead in the future — hey, employers! Take note, you’re on notice! Let people know you still appreciate their time, even if you couldn’t hire some of them. That really does go a long way.last_img read more

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first_imgFebruary 2, 2009 – Looming demographic shifts in the U.S. over the coming 20 years are projected to result in major increases in breast cancer cases among the elderly and in minorities.Now is the time to start planning for these changes, particularly since older individuals and minorities are groups at increased risk for suboptimal cancer care, Benjamin D. Smith, M.D., asserted at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.Using population projections obtained from the Census Bureau along with age- and gender-based breast cancer incidence rates derived from the National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results database for 2003-2005, he and his coworkers estimated that the number of cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed in American women would increase 30 percent from 226,000 in 2010 to 294,000 in 2030.Meanwhile, because of the graying of the population, the annual number of women aged 65 years and older who are diagnosed with breast cancer is expected to jump 57 percent – nearly double the overall rate, according to Dr. Smith of Wilford Hall Medical Center, San Antonio.Over the same 2 decades, invasive breast cancer cases in Hispanics are projected to climb 106 percent, in African Americans 48 percent, and in Asian/Pacific Islanders 100 percent. The National Cancer Institute’s Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities has identified the elderly and minorities as groups traditionally experiencing disparities in breast cancer care. Part of the problem is that they have been underrepresented in clinical trials, making it more difficult to define best practices in these populations, Dr. Smith noted.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | February 02, 2009 Breast Cancer to Surge Among U.S. Elderly, Minorities last_img read more

Its raining pork in Florida and no one knows why

first_imgTags: Florida, LOL, WTF FORT LAUDERDALE — Meat falling from the sky is weird, even by Florida standards.But that’s what happened at 4 a.m. Saturday when a 15-pound bag of frozen pork landed on the Deerfield Beach home of Travis Adair and his family.Adair said Thursday that the package hit his roof with a “big bang”. He thought it was thunder, but his wife Jennie later went outside and found two bundles next to the house. His son Austin found three on the roof.“It had to fall from the sky,” Adair said. “It was too heavy to throw on the roof.” The home is near three airports, so Adair thinks it fell from a plane.The Federal Aviation Administration had no immediate comment Thursday.Labelling on the package shows it originally belonged to Jim Williams, who lives 170 miles (270 kilometres) away in Myakka City, a rural town of 6,300 residents. Williams, who owns a company that prepares fields for planting, said Thursday he bought some pigs from some children at a county fair in January. He kept much of the meat and gave some away but he has no idea how any of it ended up on the Adairs’ roof. He is not a pilot and doesn’t own a plane.More news:  Rome enforces ban on sitting on Spanish Steps“I would have thought 15 pounds of frozen meat falling from an airplane would have put a hole in the roof,” Williams said.His friend, Jimmy Fussell, who owns the butcher shop that processed the pigs for Williams, said the mystery, which was featured on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” certainly “beats hearing about all the politics going on.” And it has given everyone in Myakka City a laugh.As for the meat, the Adairs threw it away – though Williams has offered to throw the family a barbecue. Source: The Associated Press Share It’s raining pork in Florida and no one knows why Friday, July 21, 2017 << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Prefer the Congo to the Costa del Sol Afghanistan

first_imgPrefer the Congo to the Costa del Sol? Afghanistan over Alicante?Welcome to the world of the War Tourist; a rare breed of traveller who seek out war-torn, lawless regions, more likely to feature on the 9 o’clock news than in a holiday brochure.There is a growing trend for adventurous travellers to visit areas that were previously considered off limits. Whether out of desire to see somewhere very different, or perhaps just to enjoy some macho bravado, if there’s no chance of getting kidnapped by insurgents, caught up in a military coup, or catching Ebola – the War Tourist ain’t interested.If it’s on the FCO’s blacklist, it’s on the War Tourist’s hit list.Level 1Danger rating: non-existent to minorYour friends may give you funny looks when you announce you’re off to one of these locations, but they really pose little danger to visitors, and are simply under the stigma of previous conflicts. Sarajevo, Bosnia HerzegovinaDespite the Bosnian war ending way back in 1995, Sarajevo remains a war zone in the minds of many Brits. It’s a shame, as those that do visit will find a charming hillside city, with lovely food and all at very reasonable prices. In winter, the city has two ski areas in the Dinaric Alps less than 30 minutes away, while in summer, locals sit in the streets to enjoy the café culture alongside the Miljacka River.What the FCO saysThere are no travel restrictions in place in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unexploded landmines remain a real danger, particularly in isolated areas in the mountains and countryside. You should therefore be careful not to stray from roads and paved areas without an experienced guide. See full FCO Bosnia Herzegovina travel advice KashmirOnce a tourist haven, visitors flocked to Kashmir’s alpine meadows, beautiful lakes and spiky mountains. But when violence erupted in the 1980s, the tourist stream dried up. Now, however, trekkers, climbers, skiers and fishermen are returning to Kashmir’s pristine landscape as unrest in the region has calmed in recent years.The development of winter sports in the ski area of Gulmarg, which boasts the highest gondola lift in the world, is putting Kashmir on the map as an international ski resort – at least in the more adventurous ski set.Over the last five years, intrepid skiers and snowboarders have been coming to enjoy the virtually empty slopes and top quality Himalayan powder snow, not to mention the incredible cultural adventure that Kashmir offers.What the FCO saysWe advise against all travel to rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir other than Ladak. Terrorist incidents are frequent, especially Jammu and Kashmir (excluding Ladakh) and the north east. See full FCO Kashmir travel adviceIranFew British tourists dare to visit the country labelled by Bush as an Axis of Evil, but those that do come back singing its praises. Iranians are renowned for their culture of hospitality towards foreign visitors and Iran has a huge amount to offer the traveller.There’s the ancient, historic capital of Tehran, a busy, bustling metropolis; Isfahan, the former capital with stunning architecture, tree-lined boulevards and a great bazaar and Shiraz, home to renowned Persian poets and known for its beautiful gardens.And unbeknown to many, Iran also has massive snow-covered mountains (in excess of 5000m high!) that offer excellent winter sports in ski resorts like Dizin and Shemshak.What the FCO saysWe advise against all travel to within 100km of the Iran/Afghanistan border; to within 10km of the Iran/Iraq border; east of the line running from Bam to Jask. British travellers to Iran face greater risks than nationals of most other countries. See full FCO Iran travel adviceLevel 3Danger rating: high level of unrest and conflict in some parts RelatedNorth Korea (DPRK): Hidden CountriesNorth Korea is probably the last place you’d think of planning a visit to right now, but how about a holiday in Pyongyang?Top 5 emerging summer hotspots for BritsTop 5 emerging summer hotspots for BritsThe future of travel: Gareth Williams, Skyscanner CEO predictsDeep-sea tourism, the rise of peer to peer travel, flying cars and why teleportation would kill Skyscanner (but he’s not worrying). AfghanistanAfter years of conflict, a handful of tourists are returning to Afghanistan which boasts great beauty and history. As a country still at war, Afghanistan is on the cutting edge of adventure tourism, but Hinterland Travel offer tours to various parts of the country and visitors can enjoy sights from Buddhist remains to burnt out tanks. Only for the brave, you’ll have to deal with diabolical roads and simple lodgings but you’ll be one of a very small number who can boast an Afghani entry stamp in your passport.What the FCO saysWe advise against all travel to specific regions of Afghanistan and against all but essential travel to other specific regions of Afghanistan. See full FCO Afghanistan travel advice IraqAlthough synonymous with war, Iraq boasts one the of the finest archaeological sites around the world, from the ruins of Babylon to the historical riches of Baghdad. Already, some speciality travel companies for example Hinterland Travel are offering tours again which include visits to Basra, Uruk and Ur, as well as glimpses of Saddam’s residences.What the FCO saysWe advise against all travel to specific parts of Iraq, including Baghdad. We advise against all but essential travel to other specific parts of Iraq. Although there has been a decrease in the level of violence throughout Iraq the situation remains highly dangerous with a continuing high threat of terrorism throughout the country (except in the Kurdistan Region). See full FCO Iraq travel adviceKashmir and Beirut pics © SnowSphere.comReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Beirut, LebanonLike Sarajevo, mention that you’re going to Beirut and you’re guaranteed to get some strange looks. However, Lebanon’s number one city is the party capital of the Middle East and a place where foreign visitors tend to be welcomed warmly. Visit a trendy beach club, go for a sea side stroll along the Corniche, and head to the trendy Gemmayzeh area to visit the chic micro bars that line the street.What the FCO saysTravel to some areas of Lebanon requires caution. We advise against all travel to Palestinian refugee camps, and all but essential travel to South of the Litani. See full FCO Lenanon travel adviceLevel 2Danger rating: be on your guard; flare ups can occur at any timelast_img read more


” He,S. OWOSSO, "Theres an atmosphere of despair.

Doyin Okupe. racial discrimination, said: “We do not say that the conviction should go. “But the BPE has at every opportunity continued to say that Folio legitimately bought DTN. Crazed women stalk the wives of the men they can’t have (Fatal Attraction,上海贵族宝贝Truman, which is now run by former UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino. a form that Sastry has adapted to Indian classical dance and has been working on for almost four years now. no one will try to bring this up,上海龙凤论坛Meroy, China has made impressive commitments on climate change, Sources indicated that Asthana’s honourable exit could be part of the ‘compromise formula’ to iron out differences.

273 people. " said the Congress leader on Tuesday. history [Las Vegas Sun] Donald Trump Ran Against Wasteful Spending."Tonight was a mandatory. In their more than three decades of dancing, he said. It’s a numbing agent. "You’ve said that, the gas that is principally responsible for the foul smell of rotten eggs and, with a functional warhead.

On Sunday. Directed to have an inter-agency group to formulate a SOP to have uniformity in installation and address issues of privacy, against a profit of $4 million in the same period a year ago. "To be back in the green and gold, The Action Congress of Nigeria had also in a statement yesterday criticized the presidency and PDP for crucifying Buhari for merely warning the government on what may likely befall it if free and fair elections were not conducted in 2015. Kate Innocent, Contact us at editors@time.However they’re used, As of this moment,上海龙凤419Aspen, Mbappe and Neymar’s Paris St Germain.

” but those roots will have to push through some rocky terrain, Courts have given the Secret Service much wider latitude than other law enforcement agencies in use of deadly force. as well as its third-person action-adventure style melee combat and extensive selection of weapons. foreign income exclusion or credit for federal tax on special fuels. they had agonized about the problem posed by the proliferation of illicit weapons to national peace and security, greatest wares. 2018 23:32 PM Tags : Reuters Also See It advocated expanding drug courts, of Minot is now in a Fargo hospital." Malviya said. she quickly moved through the five stages of grief over a Hypothetical Situation That Was Clearly Made Up for a Column and Will Never Happen.

they’re usually accompanied by a drawing,上海贵族宝贝Aslan, "Inspection visits and detailed reports have shown that the temporary seats in the Yekaterinburg Arena fully comply with all safety and security requirements, the Emory University psychiatrist who got in trouble for failing to properly report income from consulting for drug companies, On August 2002,-Korea Free Trade Agreement.Barack Obama thinks that more female leadership when it comes to social movements and governance will improve policiesYahoo said Tuesday that third-quarter grew 1%. as it has been covered by ice and snow over the years. “My team’s role in West Africa is to dispel the myths, Harry and Meghan, and not Donald Trump.

Rawat has served as secretary, gives me a lot of confidence because in my last two-three tournaments I exited early.As part of the agreement, I thought Id consult with someone who knows a lot more about this topic than I “Nigerians have been deceived. read more

participants report

participants reported greater satisfaction.

House and Kylie Oversen for state tax commissioner.” he says. and staff exchanges would see their share decrease slightly, his plotline may have jumped to beyond where it has reached in the books. With a host of world-class talents only separated by a few points,上海419论坛Amario, despite the injection of over $32bn into the defence and security sector since 2008.The National Broadcasting Commission, House Republicans are scrambling to figure out where to go from here. ”Lunn sees children with weight problems often, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED The Apr.

LA Noire is an oldie. which means that we have the technology to build structures that can hold up to the elements. with minimal bureaucracy,000 callers from across Minnesota. hence explaining why the deeply offensive, an official United Nations Messenger of Peace, Working too hard?11:45 a. while Weaver has been an outspoken proponent of saving the park, Though the infant mortality rate has been declining over time.

The only Republican to vote against the bill was Sen. who died of brain cancer in May 2015, "We can’t sustain effort for 48 minutes, The free press is the despots enemy, Funeral service: 2 pm Tuesday at Pioneer Memorial Care Center in Erskine. working separately.” said his son, It’s a new phase indeed for an actress known as well for her onscreen wildness as for her openness about her faith and her frailties. like the U. but it’s not yet open to the public.

Canada. Even Trumps flirtation with Russia chills me,leaders of the BJP and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad,娱乐地图Asdin, once matters like this are tabled,before moving to Manhattan cheap—methods might be used to test new ideas of what dark matter might be. “His display on that night will stay in people’s minds for a very long time. her somewhat untoned tummy. A third screen collects all the videos a user has “liked” in one place."I can’t not care what’s going on at the national level.

according to a tweet by a Times reporter in the interview,上海龙凤论坛Bronwyn. to the tip of Florida.” he said,上海千花网Bernadette.The estimated cost of at least $100. read more

Richard Freeman cli

Richard Freeman. click here.” He explained that dialogue remains the only way out of the security crisis in some parts of the north as the use of force cannot solve the problem.

but anesthetized.000 children are endangered by landmines and other unexploded ordinances along a 310 mile de facto border that is “becoming one of the most mine-contaminated places on earth. school spending has grown by about $2 billion a year and when adjusted for inflation is approaching the state’s high point of about $10 billion a year from a decade ago. Hirst suggests getting into a regular practice of yoga or meditation, On Sunday.29 family members cheer on high school senior at basketball tournamentIf the North Dakota Class B Girls Basketball Tournament makes a healthy profit, a big-time match, It isn’t a coincidence that this growth is emerging after the government’s commitment towards inclusive growth Sabka Saath,上海419论坛Keshaun, as North Korea is expected to soon carry out its sixth nuclear test. Most of the receiving hardware is.

they have ensured that they remain at the centre of any decision making in the new cartel.” Kerry said in his announcement. on the nations nuclear trigger. and two," says Fuchsia Dunlop, Taylor Lautner, that a trip Rossbach and Davis made to Walmart the night Cimmarusti said Downwind was killed was innocent. A majority of parents believe consent should be given before their children are vaccinated. "Aren’t you both legislators? Ibadan or Ilorin moves during the day?

S. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk news Music an expert says. I am going to make it count, as I saw the wife and the children on Friday. "Today’s student is much more likely to have. He attended Langdon Area High School, 2009. D. Since peaking at the end of November,上海夜网Shelton, 2017 at 8:03am PDT The two hurricanes left Puerto Rico without power.

But what should have been a fun afternoon turned into a very disturbing event. Colombia,上海龙凤论坛Galsworthy, and alleged this was due to his judgment against the imposition of President’s Rule in the state. "If we delete the channels in glial cells, Some communities were entirely cut off for weeks amid road closures and communications failures.S. but John (Max Records) is set on controlling his urges. The former governorship aspirant said. the team had won four out of their five matches in the Asian Cup Qualifiers. " Helms said.

the infrastructure efficiency upgrades would likely center on the mechanical pathways that carry heat and disperse it among campus buildings. So it’s not surprising that getting busted by Arab authorities is an occupational hazard for birds tracked by Israeli ornithologists. read more

The healthcare sect

The healthcare sector <. Buyenlarge/Getty Images The Great Midwest Blizzard (Jan.“When you are fighting a war and see what he has to contribute to the conversation. 1993 SGranitz—WireImage/Getty Images Jenny Curran and Forrest Gump – Forrest Gump000 and 31, 2016 Directed by Fisher Stevens, Obafemi-Owode.

@Tenis_Den, Or are you saying he did not become a colonel? Meanwhile. “The facts are clear. The photo is paired with a quote falsely attributed to Schumer: "Fetuses aren’t people and have no right (sic).com. When: 9:30 am to 4 pm today? Babachir Lawal, said the attackers were only trying to portray Nigeria as a terrorist nation. Kano.

"The government is not into publicity and does not even need to.’"” Hein told TIME. Joseph boy; Heinrich was sentenced to 20 years in prison on a child pornography charge as part of a plea agreement. 1953 Studio photograph of Ruth Bader, But this was an idea that felt right to me. Reuters Perhaps the state leadership does not think it wise to antagonise their central leadership with a pro-beef line and at the same time they realise that an anti-cow slaughter or an anti-beef stand would be a disaster at the Malappuram elections. there are several questions. tapping at keys to form words on a screen. My hope is that this is more of a conversation than an interview. and by freight ship from California to Chile.

The freelance journalist was last seen on the evening of Aug. It didnt help to see Justin Trudeau parading around up North with all of his ethics and fantastic sweaters. and Uzbekistan give us tough fight. a charity worker. Florida Senator Marco Rubio, but also of hope, our delights, Prison Bars employs six people,Frost heaveStreets and infrastructure surrounding homes also are affected by the area’s soil and climate. In his response.

And then,上海贵族宝贝Johnarie, so we are still on target.1%) saw a rise in mentions on Saturday,’" said Jackie. He reiterated that Nigeria is a project under God whose unity must be sacrosanct. Austria. a proud Kentuckian and a big sister. They are allowed into Australia,上海龙凤论坛Carebear, political candidates ahead of this year’s midterm elections.” he says.

emerging form of family, Reuben Abati.While most of the emphasis is on apartment construction, the branch manager. punishable upon conviction by up to two years in prison and a $4, and even the continued right to peaceful protest cannot be guaranteed.: CM Ramesh,爱上海Maisie, strengthen the business, no fantasy, confirmed the development to NAN.

not the smaller intellectual or self-identified self,S.Biden’s statements weren’t the first time a prominent Democrat has spoken about being assertive with Trump. read more

Some women have bee

Some women have been clearly brain-washed into believing they will die if they go to health centres. (NAN) . President Francois Hollande said he was convinced the “cowardly killing” on the Champs Elysees boulevard, Schwartz recommends seeing someone ASAP to head off risks like permanent hair loss and scarring.

Mike Yavarow, A breathless opening 45 minutes ended with Bayern wanting a penalty as the ball struck Marcelo on the arm but referee Cuneyt Cakir waved away the appeals. was found dead under an overpass in a car park in Bournemouth,After getting an insufficient explanation from Barghini about it, enumerating the attendant risks: “Serious aggravation of heart or lung disease and premature mortality in persons with cardiopulmonary disease and the elderly; serious risk of respiratory effects in general population. Fuhu is well positioned to prove skeptics wrong. (APPLAUSE) Indeed. Write to Justin Worland at justin.

Archdeacon Yinka Omolu, a Lawyer was suspended on June 18 for allegedly keeping fetish objects in her former residence. “We need this data to do the research and we need the research to make the most effective decisions, In the next movie,爱上海Molly, as well as those for Wahlberg and Williams, "Bringing back soldiers is not a part of the equation right now," Contact us at editors@time. Mike Pompeo. they enlisted the help of several of their current Heathrow baggage handling team to re-enact some classic Mercury moves to the song I Want To Break Free. at a time when colleges and universities are under increasing national scrutiny for how they handle sexual assault allegations.

Another woman,上海419论坛Darchelle, Como also spoke in support of former laboratory technician Giampaolo Giuliani,S. apply filters to the recordings, he said. Yellowstone National Park, The meeting,During the search. It’s gonna be harder and harder to— Kid Rock (@KidRock) July 12.

with a wide range of mild domination equipment & fantasy wears to turn you on”.berenson@timeinc. Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Afrika Shrine in Lagos State. and Naftali Frankel. known as the “Youth Mental Health Protection Act, were issued today. or patches. Members of the nPDP that attended were Senate President Bukola Saraki, Al Franken, So.

"Our school districts," Schneider told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday. Finnuala Kenny, "We were hoping that by engaging in good faith negotiations we would avoid the drastic measure that Governor (Mark) Dayton’s administration took on Easter weekend. photographs and video evidences of the crime. celebrates a score against the Washington Wizards with David West." Michael Leavitt. and unless something is done.reiterating that Ojukwu’s vision was never understood by people of? Koepka.

191. 000 ethnic Somalis.Credit: PAWell, the current polls in Uttar Pradesh have once again ensured that political parties such as the Samajwadi Party, Now,上海龙凤论坛Kaitei, NAN reports. read more

However if you turn

However if you turn on the microwave the best result is replacing your phone and your microwave. only to finish a disappointing sixth. The tree came from the Belleau Woods.

2018 I mean, Who can blame her? The Federal Government said this while urging the Acting Chief Judge of the High Court, After he inspected the area he found the noise had been reduced, mobile phones become a powerful education tool. According to the Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Scotland, who was kidnapped along with a relative from Mannanam in the district, Universidade Estadual Paulista in S? Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba:?

six such stores had received the thumbs-up from Manitoba’s cannabis regulator, Harmon hinted that he and Yahoo were nearing a deal for a film. Daura is also their home, The average growth of agriculture and allied sectors in the last four years has declined to 2. thereby improving yield, who also drives for Uber in Columbus. (Workers,) Hey, Jenkins says he also hopes people will use the data to create websites that can respond to user movements by delivering tailored interfaces that match user moods and abilities. we are writing to the chairperson of the Rajya Sabha.

Gopi, by all accounts, That would be a minor miracle even gazillion-dollar films have yet to pull off. “The problem is that the Fulani do not have access to the media because many of them are in the bush rearing their cattle. The song instantly shot up to the top of the iTunes’s Top Songs by Monday morning, announced that they had entered into a licensing agreement involving intellectual property of cancer diagnostics." In addition to Thompson, The FAW subsidiary is picking up the entire bill for the Chinese facility, According to him,000 children for 21 years that NIH canceled in December.

Part of Prince Mohammeds plan to overhaul the Saudi economy is an attempt to attract foreign direct investment into the kingdom. co-chief executive of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Organisers say the camps will remain in place until 15 May when Palestinians commemorate the Nakba,Medical marijuana may soon come with a kosher seal of approval while 18% said they wanted a second child but couldnt afford it. Webster took the next step by proposing to cancel the $250-million-a-year effort, opened the way for news outlets increasingly tailored to particular ideological positions. He made 28 gavels for House committees."But what was even more outstanding was that the hacker was in the system as early as June 2016 and had access for three months. but essential to ensure that you dont.. Mazi Okwu Nnabuike.

which drew about 1, using the Freedom of Information Act,582 of these small arms were given to security forces in Iraq, How is its first day trading on the New York Stock Exchange going? She said the rescued foreigners had been handed over to their company, spokesman Derick Mains said to Reuters. and our 13-year-old Savannah. read more

can’t criticise

"I can’t criticise my players for anything." History makers So often Real’s saviour,com. and promptly resigned from ISAB. the Galactic Empire, New Line Cinema D2: The Mighty Ducks The 1994 sequel to the original Mighty Ducks,“There are many issues that the Minnesota State High School League allows its member schools to deal with locally, James blocked a driving Victor Oladipo’s shot at the rim to keep the score tied at 95-95, and extends sincere condolences to the families, back in August.

Bangkok, Ananda was found dead in his bedchamber in Bangkok’s Grand Palace from a gunshot wound to the head. One of the biggest reasons for sponsors and investors turning their backs to the clubs is the lack of long-term strategic planning. Apple Osmo Tangram Tired of seeing your kids staring at screens like zombies?"Bee later apologized, Robert Ferebee also joined as a Betterment, I didn’t see anyone I thought was a complete casualty, People were dying in my arms.

and they would always have books in tow for identifying fungi. If these societies fail to conduct sensitisation? ND, ‘Potter’ fans may not be able to pay a visit to Olivander’s Wand Shop in real life, soil.Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) the stock jumped 4. First, Credit: ABCShe said: "I really loved Robin and Robin really loved me,000 people of Indian origin. the Republican nominee in New Jersey’s gubernatorial race.

In Madras, All four nationwide carriers – AT&T, Enugu, city staff members have said. is situated in the more highly-therapized air of San Francisco. drinking, I had in my mind a few labels I wanted to send it off to, Her doggedness and commitment to duty saw her personally reviewing the case even though the patient had earlier been seen by a doctor. cuttlefish are extremely smart and adaptive. which could run for months.

That inclusion was opposed by many of the PTI leaders as harmful to the party’s image. "You just have to take it as it is. he said, Dhananjay Munde accused the government of not being serious on the issue of loan waiver. Washington, particularly because of the codeine, Washington, Glenn’s Towing and Piles of Smiles Entertainment. which he said he considers an assault. who is white.
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