Dell ‘s FY2011 Corporate Responsibility Report: It’s Good Business To Do Good

first_imgToday I take great pride on behalf of our team and our company as we issue Dell’s 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report.Many people have worked tirelessly to compile data and update our stakeholders on how, through technology and commitment, Dell is helping build more sustainable communities and helpingprotect the planet.  Whether it’s through our green efforts or giving programs, our company gives back in many ways responsibly and with integrity.Dell was named Newsweek’s 2010 Greenest Company in America . We take a holistic view of how we can deliver better products and services by looking at sustainability throughout the lifecycle. From designing, building and shipping to using and recycling computer equipment, the company’s goal is to deliver the highest quality and most energy-efficient products with the least impact on the environment.We have learned a great deal over the years in efficiently managing our own operations, buying renewable energy where practical, implementing practices that save energy and other resources. That mindset helps us focus on developing innovative energy efficient products and solutions for customers, shipping alternatives with sustainable packaging materials, and world class recycling options that make it easy for our customers to be green. We’d like to highlight some of our achievements in sustainability:Data center efficiency improvements: within a five-year time frame Dell server performance per watt improved 31X;Laptops and desktops consume 25 percent less energy than in 2008;Customers have saved nearly $6 billion through Energy Smart since 2005, avoiding more than 55 million tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;Reduced the size of laptop and desktop boxes by 11 percent;Increased bamboo packaging for laptops and smartphones;Began a pilot to ship Dell PowerEdge servers in mushroom packaging; mushroom packaging is dense and tough enough to protect our servers and desktops and is also compostable;Extended free global recycling to 78 countries and facilitated equipment drop off at more than 3,700 Goodwill and Staples locations in the U.S. and Canada;Recycled more than 150 million pounds of end-of-life computer equipment. Dell is on pace to recycle 1 billion pounds by 2014.In addition to our sustainability efforts, our giving programs had a great year. Those efforts help close the technology gap, support youth education, entrepreneurship and digital inclusion for underserved communities around the world. Dell targets 1 percent of pre-tax profits toward programs that benefit education, health and children. The company last year made progress in its global YouthConnect program and stimulated social entrepreneurship through the Dell Social Innovation Competition. Here are some of our giving highlights:YouthConnect has positively affected 2 million children globally with expansion to nine countries;Expanded the Dell Social Innovation competition to promote social change in growing communities and committed $5 million over five years to the University of Texas at Austin to grow the program;Dell and team members made multi-million dollar contributions for global disaster relief.We also made some great gains in the area of Diversity. It is critical for companies like Dell to have a diverse workforce and embrace the similarities and differences of its team. Also, in order for Dell to effectively serve a global community, we proudly support having a diverse supplier network. Here are some of the accomplishments we saw in diversity in 2010:$3 billion investment with diverse businesses;Dell named one of the “Top Corporations for Multicultural Business Opportunities by DiverseBusiness.comDiversityInc.’s Top 50 Companies list;Working Mother’s 100 Best Companies list;Perfect score on Corporate Equality Index of the Human Rights Campaign for seventh time in a row.We continued our efforts to affect supplier work practices and require them to use the Electronics Industry Citizenship code of conduct as a basis for workplace operations and safety. Last year Dell doubled the number of supplier audits to 119.You can either download the PDF of Dell’s 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report or you can also view it via Slideshare. We hope you have an opportunity to read our report and we look forward to continuing the conversation. While we have made much progress, we have much more work to do to help people achieve their full potential and help us protect the planet.last_img read more

EMC World 2016: A Curtain Raiser

first_img2) General Session on Tuesday: Modernize Your Data CenterAlong with Jeremy Burton and Guy Churchward, Chad Sakac will talk about how EMC helps enterprises drive down costs and optimize traditional application workloads through the pillars of the modern data center: flash, cloud enabled, scale-out and software-defined.A not-to-be-missed session as the Converged Platforms Division will be unveiling two significant announcements about our advanced portfolio and how we will continue to expedite our customers’ journey towards a modern data center supported by a scalable and robust infrastructure1) General Session on Monday: modernize the industry with Joe Tucci, Michael Dell and David Goulden  Without a doubt this will be the most popular and anticipated session of the event. Answering questions such as what does the merger of EMC and Dell mean for the future of the IT industry and these two businesses once combined? Joe Tucci and Michael Dell will share their vision of what lies ahead.0) Duran Duran… ….will be playing at this year’s EMC World. For anyone growing up in the 80s and early 90s, Duran Duran were the seminal band providing a synthpop based backdrop to our coming of age years. I can’t wait to let our collective hair down to the anthemic sounds of The Reflex, Rio, and Ordinary World.This year’s EMC World will be epic event and I can’t wait for it to kick-off! There are many fantastic technology and industry conferences but EMC World is special. As we’re sprinting towards the doors opening at EMC World on May 2, here’s a countdown of the top eight things to see and do.8) Interact with the Product Engineering TeamsEMC World started off as a technical conference and, despite its fair share of theatrics, bigger and glitzier venues and powerful agendas, at its core it remains a technical conference. It’s great to meet the engineers who designed either your favorite platforms/solutions or the one that is proving to be a thorn in your backside. This is your opportunity to tell them exactly what you think about their work and let them know how it has either made your life easier or more difficult, and if it can be improved upon.7) Get Certified! EMC Proven Professional is one of the leading education and certification program in the IT industry, providing a comprehensive coverage of information storage technologies, virtualization, cloud computing, and data science/big data analytics.Getting certified is a great way to advance your career and there’s no better place to do it than at EMC World – it’s simple, it’s convenient, and it’s fast.6) IT Leadership and Guru TracksA fantastic line up for Leadership and Guru Tracks from Nina Tandon, CEO and co-founder of EpiBone, the world’s first company growing living human bones for skeletal reconstruction to David Eagleman, the bestselling author of The Brain: The Story of You.Our very own Chad Sakac will deliver an IT Leadership session on “Platforms Are the New End Game”.  In this talk he will focus on why customers should shift from a build to a buy consumption model and the impact of the software defined data center and cloud native applications on the ability of businesses to innovate and deliver unique and new opportunities.5)  Solutions Expo PavilionThe Solution Expo is a great way to explore EMC solutions and engage with 100+ partners and exhibitors who’ll be showcasing their products and services, including through live demonstrations.A special mention should be made of the Converged Platforms Division’s team (booth #739) who’ll be demonstrating our full portfolio of Blocks, Racks, Appliances, plus showcasing major platforms and solutions that can be built on top. Be sure to visit the booth.4) Holding up the Mirror:  Feedback and more feedback Customers, partners, and peer feedback is the key thing that keeps us anchored to the ground and in close connection to what the current technology challenges are so we can deliver tomorrow’s solutions. We want to hear from YOU. What are we doing right, are there any technology/solutions gaps we need to address, what things are not working. So if you see anyone from senior leadership team whether it’s Joe Tucci, David Goulden, Chad Sakac or even me–come and talk to us. Don’t be scared to hold up the mirror to us.3) General Session on Wednesday: Modernize Your BusinessIn this session Jeremy Burton, CJ Desai and Chad Sakac will talk about how cutting edge innovations in software-defined technologies, cloud native applications, new application development and modern analytics will enable customers to redefine enterprise IT and modernize their business. I would like to make a special mention of Chad Sakac who will be demonstrating our latest innovations and solutions on the stage.last_img read more

New Dell HPC System Drives New Research, Innovations and National Economic Benefits in South Africa

first_imgThis week I had the pleasure of participating in and Dell powering our customer and longtime collaborator, the Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC), which is part of South Africa’s   Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), as they unveiled the FASTEST computer on the African continent and a future Top-500 class system. It was an honor to represent Dell’s HPC teams at the launch event, only a few short days after we joined the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at the University of Texas at Austin to celebrate its own new Dell HPC System and milestones.CHPC’s Dell-powered “Lengau” System (“Cheetah” in Setswana) provides high performance computing access and will help drive new research, new innovations and new national economic benefits in a country filled with both talent and opportunity. While Lengau surely benefits from the latest technology advancements, the most important benefit is that it will enable new opportunities and avenues in cutting edge research (such as the Square Kilometer Array) and will provide the computational capacity to build the private sector and non-academic user base of the CHPC to help spur national economic growth.Lengau boasts a speed of roughly one petaflops (1,000 teraflops or 1,000 Trillion floating point operations per second)–15 times faster than the CHPC’s previous system and, yet, within a smaller footprint and consuming less energy. The new system is comprised of 1,039 Dell PowerEdge servers, based on Intel Xeon processors, totaling 19 racks of compute nodes and storage. It has a total Dell Storage capacity of five petabytes, and uses Dell Networking Ethernet switches and Mellanox EDR InfiniBand with a maximum interconnect speed of 56 GB/s.Compared to the previous system, Lengau will now provide access to compute resources for users, scientist and innovators, who had limited or no access to the resources in the past due to capacity constraints. Additionally, it will enable high performance for large-scale simulations that were impossible in the past, opening completely new avenues of research and, ultimately, enabling human potential.But this event was much more than about products–it also was about people. Educating the next generation of students on the capabilities and possibilities of HPC is just as critical as introducing new technologies. What use is the technology if no one is using it to learn or innovate? To that end, CHPC and Dell are co-sponsoring Team South Africa as they compete for a winning title at this year’s Student Cluster Competition at the International Supercomputing Show (ISC), June 20-22 in Frankfurt Germany. The 5th annual competition, organized by HPC Advisory Council and ISC, features teams of six undergraduate and/or high school students who build a small compute cluster of their own design on the ISC exhibit floor and race to demonstrate the greatest performance across a series of benchmarks and applications.In preparation for the competition, Team South Africa spent a week at Dell’s Round Rock campus to meet with HPC experts;  check out our next-generation HPC innovations and clustered systems designs, thermal labs; and receive hands-on tutorials and feedback sessions from Dell design teams. I am very confident in the skills of these brilliant minds and can’t wait to see how they do in Frankfurt at ISC!As Dell continues to democratize HPC and grow our HPC customer business, we have plenty of exciting new things on the horizon to discuss during ISC. I hope you’ll come by and visit the HPC team and me in Frankfurt later this month or watch this space as we have MUCH more to come!last_img read more

Thank You from Dell on Small Business Saturday

first_imgThey say if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. I am Erik Day and I run Small Business Sales at Dell. As part of my role, I get to meet the passionate hard-working people behind America’s small businesses.Dell partners with WeWork, a co-working space that houses an abundance of entrepreneurs and new business ventures. I remember hosting an event at WeWork location in their big event space. After the event ended, I walked through WeWork. It was around midnight and several office lights were still on. People were still working. That is the kind of dedication that makes me so proud to play my part in the small business community.Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. In the US, they have generated over 65 percent of new jobs since 1995.November 26 is Small Business Saturday. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this day encourages people around the country to patronize your local small businessesAs a corporate supporter of Small Business Saturday, we at Dell know that many of our 8 million small business customers benefit when you shop local. We appreciate the small businesses that rely on Dell products to run their business and encourage you to support them by “shopping small” this Small Business Saturday.I love getting to see the unique and exciting missions of our small business customers. We recently spotlighted one small business customer, Animusoft, as they took us into the world of drones.&nbsp;</p><p>Dan Rodriguez from Animusoft is a perfect example of the small business owners I meet every day. Small businesses owners exemplify a spirit of passion and tenacity that make working with them not seem like work at all.For my full holiday thank you to our small business customers, check out this Huffington Post article: Three Ways Your Small Business Can Make the Most of Black FridayAlso see Dell’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals just for small businessesHappy Thanksgiving!last_img read more

5 Ways to Make a Friend at Work

first_imgDuring National Service Dog Month, we’ve invited a few of the canine contributors at Dell to share their insights with us on Direct2Dell – as told to their humans.  In our final post, we hear from Sabrina who shared with her human Lisa Mae DeMasi tips for making friends at work.I remember it vividly. That day I met my best friend.After a really long time in a dark musty container, the door to the daylight slid open and I was hysterical. All of us were yapping madly as my crate door came undone and I was led to Lisa. I was so overwhelmed with joy because I knew she was here for me, to take me home and love me.Eight years later, I’m the one who loves to take care of her. You see, an accident in one of those cars so many of us dogs like to chase, caused permanent damage to her insides. I’m here to alert her when she needs to go to the restroom and comfort her when she suffers acute intestinal pains.Ours is a special work relationship, but having a friend at the office is something everyone can benefit from. I overheard someone mention that something called LinkedIn did a study that found 46 percent of workers worldwide believe that work friends are important to their overall happiness.So with that in mind, I’d like to share with you my tips for making friends at work:1. Approach with RespectAt work I sit beneath Lisa’s desk and no one even knows I’m there. I’m quiet in her cube, but may bark when someone approaches her abruptly. The other day I barked because this nice, tall Millennial guy appeared suddenly and started talking excitedly. When working with others, it’s important to respect their space and try not to interrupt when they are busy.2. Step Away from the KeyboardLisa gets so tense doing her work sometimes in front of her computer I think she will explode. In this maddening pace of what you call “digital transformation,” I beg you to remain kind to one another. Take time to say good morning to your coworkers. Sometimes I don’t hear that enough. I hear the clack clack clack of the keyboard, “elastic data platform” and the funny word Hadoop.3. Talk About Something Other Than WorkLisa works in Services Marketing and IT in Hopkinton and likes to watch football. Sometimes when she watches a Pat’s game the announcer says, “Look there at Brady, despite the pressure, he stays ‘soft and relaxed’ in the pocket.” So when we’re at work, I like to send her vibes of “stay soft and relaxed in the pocket” and other free-your-mind nuggets of truth. Talking about non-work things with your teammates can help you find common interests that can further friendships.4. Find Time to LaughAt meetings with Lisa, I sometimes gently approach certain people because I can feel how tense they are and I place my nose to their hand. Without realizing it, they begin to pet me, continue talking to everyone, and I can feel the tension melt away in their body. They just stroke and stroke. I am medicine to them, too.I can’t be there for everyone, but laughter is also known as a great form of medicine that is free for all. So, please, laugh a little. It breaks up the intensity. Your brain will appreciate the hiccup and the tension in your body will momentarily release. Keeping the mind open frees creativity and provides learning to stick, allows for kindness with others.5. Say Thank YouSometime in my past, I may or may not have chewed on a copy of Shape Magazine with an article that talked about the health benefits of gratitude. To show Lisa I was thankful for rescuing me, I collapsed and rolled onto my back. She embraced my head and neck so hard I thought it might rip off. Oh, to be loved.You may not want to show that much emotion, but being part of a team at work means that there will be times when someone takes on the lion’s share of a project or gives you assistance with your own responsibilities. Expressing an attitude of gratitude makes you both feel better and encourages more cooperation.I’m thankful the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) allows me and other certified service animals to come to work at places like Dell. Lisa needs me like I needed her. Now we need each other. That’s true friendship.Sabrina is a Labrador and Golden Retriever mix that is named for her owner’s favorite movie – the original “Sabrina” with Audrey Hepburn. Eight years after being rescued from terrible conditions, she lives happily with her human Lisa, as well as a cat and two bunnies. She is a devoted helper, a medical assist/sensory dog, that enables her human to stay on the job at Dell EMC.last_img read more

How Businesses are Gaining Advantage Through People and Planet

first_img“There has been a steady increase in global corporations focusing on implementing a successful business model that factors in the finite amount of resources on Earth. While we are always thinking of ways to leverage and extract resources, businesses fail to carry the conversation forward once the product reaches the hands of the consumers. We should not only be thinking about the ways to reclaim these products and materials but also assess the means through which we can reintegrate them into the business’ commerce cycle.” I recently hosted a panel alongside colleagues and industry leaders, including Dune Ives, Executive Director, Lonely Whale, and the above comment from Dune really stood out to me.The discussion, alongside colleagues Therese Cooney (Dell’s SVP, Client Solutions APJC), Pang Yee Beng (SVP, South Asia & Korea, Dell EMC) and Crystynna Ewe (APJ Director, Global Takeback, Dell EMC), as well as Lean In Singapore founder Uma Thana, explored how organisations can take the lead in helping to create a better, more sustainable environment, as well as the impact they have on the communities they serve. Organisations large and small are increasingly starting to look at how their business models consider both people and planet. Why? Because there is significant advantage to be gained from doing so.Here are four major themes from the panel that really stood out to me:Workplace inclusion and the benefits of gender parityDespite conversations about gender equality being pushed to the forefront in recent times, huge gender gaps remain, and notably in the technology industry. There are many things that organisations can do to help change this paradigm: building inclusive work-spaces that enable everyone to succeed is a great place to start. Uma Thana developed this further, sharing examples of where the status quo has been questioned to great effect: she described how, in one case, senior business leaders were moved to actively challenge the diversity of their organisation’s promotion cycles. In addition, Therese Cooney reinforced how sales teams led by women often outperform teams led by men, and how cross-functional and diverse teams are better-positioned to solve complex problems.The protection of the planetToday’s business leaders are now responsible for the stewardship of environmentally-friendly practices in the circular economy in which we now operate. Personally, it is heartening for me to be in an organisation that genuinely contributes to the wellness of the planet. Dell’s initiatives, like the Global Takeback programme and our closed loop recycling efforts in partnership with Lonely Whale, have reaped some important results, including the establishment of NextWave – a cross-industry consortium of global companies committed to broader use of ocean-bound plastics.Technology and people make a powerful teamTechnology can be instrumental in solving seemingly insurmountable issues and, as a gender-neutral enabler, it democratises businesses: networking technology, for one, has made flexible working easy, allowing new working patterns to emerge. At their heart, however, business transformation challenges are essentially people challenges: the key to maximising transformation-centric technology investments is ensuring that employees have the skills and qualities needed to use those tools to the fullest effect: flexibility, creativity and resilience will each become much more important. It is equally critical that the company’s culture is ready to receive and embrace those tools, too. This will require mind-sets to change at all levels of the organisation, starting with the Board.Innovation is changing business approaches to people and planetIn the panel I mentioned above, my colleague Crystynna Ewe shared that there is 800 times more gold in a ton of motherboards than in a ton of iron ore, and this speaks volumes about the potential for innovation and the genuine business advantage to be gained from driving a new, circular economy model where that ‘old gold’ is harvested and re-used. These are exciting times, and we can continue to expect technology to have profound, far-reaching effects for all of us, as we harness it for innovative approaches to business and the environment.As we prepare for a future with a global population of 9.6 billion by 2050, we are facing inevitable change in the way we think about work, business, individual products and economies. Socio-environmental issues are becoming more and more important today, and there is no way that business leaders can ignore these topics as they look to successfully navigate this future.If you are keen to learn more about Dell’s social initiatives, do read our 2020 Legacy of Good annual report here.last_img read more

Dell Technologies Partner Organization Works to Advance and Empower Women in Technology

first_imgAt Dell Technologies, we are deeply committed to driving human progress. Through our reach, technology and people we strive to create a positive and lasting impact on humankind and the planet. Cultivating inclusion and transforming lives are two areas of focus that will help us achieve our Dell Technologies 2030 social impact goals. Both inform our dedication to diversity and inclusion. Whether through internal employee resource groups or external programs, we strive to support inclusivity and diversity initiatives.One of these external programs is the Dell Technologies Women’s Partner Network (WPN), which is comprised of professional women and supporters from within both Dell Technologies and our global partner community. Led by Executive Sponsor, Cheryl Cook, Senior Vice President of Global Partner Marketing – and working in collaboration with Dell Technologies’ diversity and inclusion initiatives – the WPN is dedicated to advancing and empowering women in technology through access to resources, special events, and leadership and by creating a global community that facilitates relationship-building, mentorship, and business growth.The Women’s Partner Network champions diversity inclusion within the channel and global communityThe Dell Technologies WPN produces, attends and sponsors a number of industry and community events and give-back initiatives each year – most recently International Women’s Day, the Krewe of Amalee City Takeover for Good charity event and DeLand Dog Parade (which supported over 20 different charities and causes) and many of The Channel Company’s Women of the Channel events.We consider the Women of the Channel event series to be an integral driver of progress for women in our industry. These events include keynote sessions from inspirational women leaders, development and networking opportunities, and offer women in the channel a chance to lift one another as we advance. In December 2019, Dell Technologies was a Premier Sponsor of The Women of the Channel Leadership Summit East (WOTC East).In addition to the leadership and connection, these women are passionate about giving back and serving community. Over the last year, the Dell Technologies WPN donated more than $137,000 to charities. WPN has been a proud underwriter of [email protected] (the charitable arm of The Channel Company) for many years, partnering with them to serve and give back at three volunteer events each year.One of our recent and memorable highlights was our give-back in December with chosen charity partner, Willow International.  Willow International’s mission is to “end human trafficking through restoration, prevention, and partnership.” Following an emotional session focused on Willow International’s lifesaving mission, attendees worked together to assemble more than 120 care packages for victims of human trafficking.Celebrating the exceptional Women of the Channel and their contributions to the IT channelOn May 11, CRN announced its 2020 Women of the Channel. We are honored to announce that this esteemed list includes 47 women from across Dell Technologies, including VMware. This represents the largest number of Dell Technologies women selected by the CRN editorial team to join its list of “exceptional women acclaimed for their contributions to channel advocacy, growth, thought leadership, and dedication to the IT channel.”“We are thrilled and humbled by the inclusion of 47 Dell Technologies leaders on CRN’s 2020 Women of the Channel list. Being able to honor these remarkable leaders for their outstanding accomplishments is at the heart of what our Women’s Partner Network stands for and is core to helping to drive our Dell Technologies 2030 goals,” shared Holly Delgado, Global Lead for the Dell Technologies WPN.Eight of these women – Dell Technologies’ Cheryl Cook, Erica Lambert, Joyce Mullen, Shawn Trotter, and Mary-Catherine Wilson; and VMware’s Jenni Flinders, Anna Dorcey, and Amanda Banker – were also named to CRN’s 2020 Power 100 list. The Power 100 is an elite subset of the Women of the Channel; and represents “the most powerful women leaders across IT channel organizations.Join the Dell Technologies Women’s Partner NetworkWe encourage our partners to join the WPN and to connect with industry peers and like-minded women, share best practices and access tools and resources to help grow their businesses and thrive with Dell Technologies.last_img read more

Inside Dell EMC PowerStore: AppsON Delivers Groundbreaking Application Flexibility and Mobility

first_imgWe are in a new era of IT, one fueled by the explosion of data and technology innovation. Many organizations are on the cusp of becoming digital powerhouses in this new era, but two things stand in their way:Data is created, processed, and stored everywhere—from edge locations to core data centers to public clouds.IT organizations are expected to support an ever-increasing number of workloads, everything from traditional applications to edge analytics, all while delivering greater levels of simplicity, agility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.Today, we are proud to announce Dell EMC PowerStore, a pioneering new modern infrastructure platform built from the ground up with best-in-class expertise and technology to address the challenges of the data era.One of PowerStore’s game-changing features is AppsON, an industry-first capability that allows VMware virtualized workloads to run directly on the purpose-built array, delivering groundbreaking application mobility and flexibility. Let’s take a closer look at what makes AppsON special, ideal workloads, and how it can complement your existing storage and infrastructure investments.What Is AppsON?The unparalleled flexibility and mobility provided by AppsON is made possible because PowerStore is the only purpose-built array with VMware vSphere¹ built-in. Integration with vSphere results in simplified, streamlined management where storage resources plug directly into the virtualization layer.Storage administration is also made simpler, as supporting data management applications can be run directly on the array, streamlining operations and consolidating targeted external VMs. The consolidated solution provided by PowerStore with AppsON offers unique capabilities for environments where infrastructure simplicity and density are desirable or critical, including edge computing, ROBO, mobile and tactical deployments.What Workloads are Ideal for AppsON?AppsON is ideal for a variety of workloads, namely infrastructure and data intensive applications. Infrastructure applications include anything that an administrator needs to run their data center, including anti-virus, data protection and monitoring software. This enables an administrator and their broader infrastructure team to simplify operations and have full control over their storage environment.Data-intensive applications fall in two categories – those that are latency sensitive and those that require an imbalance of storage vs. compute. These include but aren’t limited to applications that require a small footprint and to process and store vast amounts of data, such as edge and analytics applications.How Does AppsON Complement Existing Infrastructure?AppsON further benefits IT organizations by providing new flexibility while continuing to leverage existing infrastructure investments.It complements existing platforms, including Dell Technologies’ #1 HCI solution VxRail by providing a landing zone for storage-intensive workloads that require superior data efficiency and “always on” data reduction in the smallest of form factors.In addition, existing investments in infrastructure and processes can be preserved as a PowerStore using AppsON can serve storage to external servers via FC and iSCSI, just like a regular SAN block array, while simultaneously running enterprise Virtual Machines with VMware vSphere internally.PowerStore cluster management, combined with VMware vSphere including vMotion and Storage vMotion, enable seamless application mobility between PowerStore and other VMware targets. Using a single storage instance, applications can be deployed on networked servers, hyperconverged infrastructure (i.e. VxRail), or directly on the PowerStore appliance and migrated transparently between them. This unparalleled agility enables IT and application owners to quickly and seamlessly deploy and reassign workloads to the most effective environment based on current requirements and available resources.Where Does PowerStore Fit into My Existing VMware Environment?Dell EMC PowerStore complements and extends your existing infrastructure investments, especially your VMware environment. With AppsON, PowerStore can provide both storage capacity for applications and a VMware based environment for hosting applications locally. PowerStore has comprehensive support for VMware environments. The vRealize Orchestrator plugin for Dell EMC PowerStore helps automate storage provisioning and operations, PowerStore’s innovative single architecture provides native vVol support and Cloud Storage Services can also provide Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to VMware Cloud on AWS.Because of innovation like AppsON, Dell EMC PowerStore can revolutionize your data center, and we’re excited for you to see that firsthand. To learn more about the Dell EMC PowerStore family, visit here. ¹Based on Dell analysis of publicly available information on current solutions from mainstream storage vendors, April 2020.last_img read more

Kerry: US will make up for 4 years of lost action on climate

first_imgTHE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — U.S. climate envoy John Kerry has told a global virtual summit that the world has to take decisive action to build resilience to the devastating effects of climate change and pledged that President Joe Biden’s new administration would play its role. Kerry was among world leaders who converged — virtually — on the Netherlands on Monday for the summit seeking to galvanize more action and funding to adapt the planet and vulnerable communities to the effects of climate change. The meeting comes after a year in which the Earth hit or neared record hot temperature levels.last_img

Russia’s Putin warns of worsening global instability

first_imgMOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the world risks sliding deeper into instability as the coronavirus pandemic combines with global rivalries and other international tensions. Speaking during a virtual meeting of the World Economic Forum, Putin pointed Wednesday at growing inequality and unemployment and a rise of populism as potential triggers for conflicts that could plunge the world into a “dark anti-Utopia.” He hailed the decision by Russia and the United States to extend their last nuclear arms control pact as positive, but he added that spiraling tensions have come to resemble the situation before World War II. He said, “International institutions are weakening, regional conflicts are multiplying and the global security is degrading.”last_img