Online letting agency apologises for featuring another unlicensed HMO

first_imgHome » News » Agencies & People » Online letting agency apologises for featuring another unlicensed HMO previous nextRegulation & LawOnline letting agency apologises for featuring another unlicensed HMOSpotahome says it has now taken measures to prevent booking at the property on its platform. Similar unlicensed properties were featured on its platform earlier this year.Nigel Lewis11th December 20190699 Views Online letting agent Spotahome has apologised after another illegal HMO was found listed on its platform despite it promising earlier this year to prevent this kind of listing.In June both an anonymous industry blogger and The Negotiator highlighted several properties on the company’s website which were evidently unlicensed HMO properties, and two months ago a national newspaper also ran a story highlighting similarly unlicensed five and six-bedroom houses on its platform.At the time Spotahome promised that it would adjust its internal processes to help the company’s self-employed local representatives identify HMOs when preparing property details and photos for the site.But blogger DodgyAgent has claimed online that at least one unlicensed HMO remains on its site, a six-bedroom maisonette in Camden.Licensing regulations“The Times reached out to us in September amid concerns that a number of properties listed on our platform did not adhere with local licensing regulations,” a Spotahome spokesperson told The Negotiator.“We took immediate action to unpublish those for which the agents who listed on our platform could not provide evidence that the necessary HMO licenses had been granted or applied for.“As a consequence, none of these properties have been bookable on our platform since then.“The property highlighted in a recent blog post that you are referring to was not included in the list of properties communicated to us by The Times, despite the photo subsequently having been used in The Times article.“We welcome this flag and have now taken similar actions with this property. We confirm that it can no longer be booked on our platform.” DodgyAgent blog camden spotahome December 11, 2019Nigel LewisWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021last_img read more

A new Law on the Provision of Services in Tourism has been adopted

first_imgA new one was published in the Official Gazette Law on the provision of services in tourism.The basic issues regulated by this law are the manner and conditions under which legal and natural persons may provide services in tourism. The Croatian Chamber of Commerce plans to hold trainings for member companies of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce on the application of the new Act in the coming period, and will additionally report on the exact dates and cities in January, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce points out.The main changes made by this Law, in relation to the previously valid Law, are:alignment with Directive (EU) 2015/2302 on package travel and associated travel arrangements, thus achieving better and more effective consumer protection;reduction of administrative barriers to starting, but also continuing entrepreneurial activity – in order to increase the competitiveness of Croatian tourism by relieving the burden on entrepreneurs;prescribes which services are considered to be tourist services of health tourism – services of organizing and / or mediating transport, transfer and accommodation services, as individual services or as organized travel, which are provided to users of health services of health tourism; the circle of providers of tourist services in health tourism is expanding, so in addition to special hospitals and health resorts, the provision of these services is also enabled to other health institutions, companies for performing health activities and health workers who independently perform private practice, in accordance with special regulations governing health care , for users of their health services;Tourist services in congress tourism are additionally regulated, as services of conceptual design, planning, consulting, promotion, registration of participants, and content and technical organization and implementation of meetings and events, and when they include accommodation, transport, transfers, excursions and other services. in tourism to participants of gatherings and events and persons accompanying them; it prescribes who can provide them in addition to travel agencies, that caterers may provide services in their catering facility and the organization of meetings and events that include accommodation services, that the organizer of congresses, events or similar gatherings may organize transportation, accommodation and meals without hiring a travel agency. for participants, if the cost of their participation is covered by the organizers or sponsorship, donations and the like, without charging fees and other costs from participants, provided that a participant of the congress, event or similar such meeting can not bear the costs of their participation through personal sponsorship, donation or similar; it is also stipulated that the provision of tourist services in congress tourism is not the organization of congresses, events or similar gatherings, which do not include the offer of accommodation, transport, transfers, excursions and other tourism services to participants of gatherings and events and accompanying persons;the provision of car rental services (rent-a-car), with or without a driver, and who can provide them and under what conditions are regulated;tourist diving is regulated – diving intended for tourist divers for the purpose of recreation and sightseeing of the seabed, who can provide them, the services covered by tourist diving, and the conditions under which this service is provided;the transfer service is defined and who can provide it, including caterers for the needs of their guests to whom it provides accommodation services;allowing churches and religious communities to organize pilgrimages and other trips to promote and manifest their faith, for a maximum of two days including one night, with the written approval of the religious community body responsible for issuing such a certificate, under conditions prescribed for trade unions and associations;additional regulation of the provision of tourist services of active and adventure tourism, prescribing greater obligations regarding the service provider (organizer) of such activities, but also the persons hired by service providers to perform these activities, all related to safety and consumer protection, and thus service providers;the professional exam for a tourist guide is prescribed in such a way that it consists of a general part for the territory of the Republic of Croatia and a special part for protected units (localities) by counties;the provision of tourist guide services to citizens of another Contracting State to the Treaty on the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation on a temporary or occasional basis is regulated in such a way that it can provide tourist guide services in the Republic of Croatia, except in or in protected areas; this equates the position of the above tourist guides with Croatian tourist guides who have passed only the general part of the professional exam:Authorization is given to the Minister of Tourism to prescribe, with the prior opinion of the Minister responsible for culture and nature protection, a rulebook for a list of protected sites (localities) which would be narrower than the current list of tourist sites (localities) by counties, and which would not include public areas, city squares, forests, parks and the like;raises the level of knowledge of a foreign language for the provision of tourist guide services – level B2 according to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference in Comprehension and Speech;raises the level of knowledge of foreign languages ​​for the manager – knowledge of at least one world language level B2 according to the degrees of the Common European Framework of Reference in Comprehension and Speech and knowledge of another level A2 according to the degrees of the Common European Framework of Reference in comprehension and speech;the obligation of the travel agency to employ at least one business manager is prescribed, thus reducing the cost of doing business;the organization of seminars and taking professional exams for branch managers at higher education institutions is abolished, and only taking the professional exam for business managers before the examination commission of the Ministry of Tourism is introduced, according to the learning outcomes prescribed by the Minister of Tourism;the issue of the space in which the travel agency operates is regulated in such a way that it usually operates in the business space, and in the residential area exceptionally if it operates only in a way that provides its services through websites or similar online sales system, including telephone service, and without the simultaneous physical presence of the service user in the space in which the tourist agency performs its activity, provided that the space must meet the conditions of safety and protection at work prescribed by special regulations;prescribing the obligation for travel agencies to publish the following information on their websites, in order to protect consumers: company and registered office, name and surname of the manager, business capacity and authorizations, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers, and working hours in which it is possible to establish direct contact with employees of the travel agency, the number of the court or other public register in which the travel agency is registered, and information on the register, tax number if taxpayer, details of the competent authority whose official supervision is subject to activity travel agencies, clear instructions on how to file a complaint, ie how to resolve consumer complaints, general business conditions for the services it provides, or general business conditions of the travel agency whose services it sells and / or mediates, in Croatian and the languages ​​in which offers its servicesthe number of ordinances authorized by the Minister is being reduced;reduction of the amount of misdemeanor fines;the mitigation of the treatment of tourism inspectors towards service providers of offenders is introduced by applying the principle of opportunity, ie by prescribing the possibility to eliminate irregularities and deficiencies identified in inspections without punishment; This decision will meet the expectations of caterers and their professional associations and chambers, which, in addition to proposals for reducing misdemeanor penalties, have repeatedly proposed similar solutions.The consequences of the adoption of the Law are expected to be increasing diversity and developing the tourist offer, facilitating business operations, greater professionalism and raising the quality of services, easier implementation of legal provisions and more effective suppression of the gray economy, better consumer protection, higher employment and access conditions. favorable financing of projects that include the provision of some of the tourist services covered by the Act, all with the aim of strengthening the overall competitiveness of Croatian tourism and more efficient communication with the market.Side dish: NARODNE NOVINE / New Law on Provision of Services in Tourismlast_img read more

Stoned driver crashed into woman at 200km/h in New South Wales

first_imgNZ Herald 14 February 2017Family First Comment: Still want to make dope easier to access? #saynopetodopeA stoned P-plater was caught in dash-cam footage driving at 200km/h moments before he ploughed into another car and left an innocent woman to die.Kayden James Lawson, 22, drove along a motorway on the NSW Central Coast so fast a truck he sped past shook, according to the truck driver, the Daily Mail reports.“F**k me, he made the truck rock when he went past,” the truck driver can be heard saying in dash-cam footage tendered at the Gosford District Court.The footage then shows the green Holden Commodore Lawson was driving speed along the breakdown lane. Lawson then crashed into another vehicle and sent the innocent woman’s car over a guardrail and 10 metres down an embankment.“He just killed someone I think,” the truck driver could be heard saying to another truck driver further up the M1 on two-way radio.The woman, Kristyn Rourke, suffered a permanent brain injury and a fractured neck. Her face was de-gloved, she lost her right ear, and she had a near “complete traumatic amputation” of her left arm, Daily Telegraph reported.Medical assessments found he had undiagnosed schizophrenia and was smoking three ‘cones’, also known as ‘bongs’, every day in the 12-months leading up to the crash.Lawson was sentenced to four years in prison on Monday, with a non-parole period of two-and-a-half-years.He had pleaded guilty to charges including dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm with illicit drugs present in his system, and failing to stop to render assistance.He will be eligible for parole in August 2019.He was also disqualified from driving for five years.READ MORE: read more

Marshall alumnus founds company to ease job search

first_imgNathan Candaner, a 24-year-old Marshall School of Business alumnus, created his company JobzMall to simplify the job search process. (Photo courtesy of Nathan Candaner) This led to the creation of his new company JobzMall in 2018, an interactive online platform with verified job postings where those seeking employment are able to pursue different career opportunities related to government, business, technology, education and other industries. “He would be a tremendous example [of a] success story to entrepreneurs or who want to be entrepreneurs in [the Marshall School] … I would like to have him talk to my students and kind of tell his story and how it came about. I think this would be a very good connections for Trojans.” Sarika Joshi, head of the success division, said JobzMall focuses on making the job search process more humanistic. During his time at USC and after graduation, Candaner researched what employers go through during a candidate hiring process and realized they also struggled with finding the right employees. After noticing how many opportunities may be missed on both ends of the job search, he was inspired to create JobzMall.  Candaner said the company is growing and he hopes the website is able to benefit USC     students who may be confused and stressed about the job search.  Another one of Candaner’s favorite professors was Selahattin Imrohoroglu, who teaches finance and business economics. Imrohoroglu believes that Cardaner’s journey with JobzMall can help other students who also hope to pursue entrepreneurship.  Candaner said he was inspired by his professor Greg Autry, who teaches technology entrepreneurship in the Marshall School. Candaner hopes that his work can inspire other people to find their passions and create their own path.center_img “Basically, after you use these traditional job boards and you go to ZipRecruiter, you go to Indeed, you type in job listings, you’re greeted with a bunch of texts, so many different job postings,” Candaner said. “You click on one and go to another website, most of them have expired links.                 It’s just a horrible process.” “We do work with Fortune 500 companies, we do work with startups, we are working with the education industry like colleges,” Joshi said. When Nathan Candaner was a sophomore in the Marshall School of Business, he found searching for internships challenging. “Students should believe in themselves,” Candaner said. “I would definitely preach entrepreneurship. One of the reasons why I had the [inspiration] was that I had a great entrepreneurship class.” “What we primarily do with our groups, partnerships and all, we have a dedicated person just for colleges, and predominantly in California,” Joshi said. ”We have almost 1,000 organizations out there and 300,000 users … It is essential that users actually know who is hiring, how to connect career options.” Candaner, now a 24-year-old alumnus, realized that it didn’t need to be so difficult. He could simplify the process and help other students easily find jobs and new opportunities and believed that he could consolidate websites and online job boards with open listings so students are able to better understand the job market. last_img read more