Portal lockscreen for Android no root required

first_imgWhile the smartphone OS wars are going on all around us, and the constant argument of “mine’s better” wages on across the internet, it’s always really fun to be able to stop and just appreciate something for being really geeky. All of the mobile OS’ have this seedy underbelly where all of these really cool hacks and mods and themes are flying around, allowing those brave souls to push their devices to the limits and back, or maybe just change the color on their battery meter. I find myself in pretty constant awe of just how creative some of these people are, but I rarely find something that is simple enough that anyone can do it, and have it still be really fun. One such example I have for you today, the Portal Lockscreen for Android.Who doesn’t love Portal? The cult hit turned full fledged video game has consumed the lives of many a happy geek the world over, and such popularity obviously means you want to take pieces if that experience with you everywhere. While I haven’t seen a watch that threatens to keep trying to kill me, this lockscreen is the next best thing.Due to the intensely modular nature of Android, theme schemer Shockwaav put together this lockscreen replacement using a hand full of existing apps and some clever imagery he’d made. The end result is a really slick looking Aperture Science lockscreen just waiting for you to “Slide for Cake”.This modification is really well detailed in step by step directions right here. It doesn’t require root access in order to do anything here, but there are some steps that require you to install apps that are not yet in the market. Having put this new lockscreen on my LG G2X, I can tell you the whole process takes about 20 minutes if you follow the directions.  Shockwaav has noted that this was a first attempt, and to keep a lookout for an even better Portal Lockscreen in the future.  Also, since the lockscreen was published, several other users have stepped up with their modified versions of the lockscreen idea, so feel free to get the creative juices flowing when building yours!3JmHy3JmHy325840117976sMlast_img read more