Japanese Company is Nice Enough To Console People It Turns Down For

first_imgStay on target Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. How AMC’s ‘The Terror’ Uses American History to Delive…33 Killed in Suspected Arson Attack on Kyoto Animation Studio in Japan center_img If you’ve ever been let go from a job, you already know all about the frustration that comes with finding a new gig. It’s even worse when you apply for a job and get turned down. If you even get a rejection letter, which is really something that doesn’t happen very often, it hurts to think that you weren’t good enough or got passed on for the job opportunity. That’s why it’s so refreshing that this one Japanese company, Kagome, was kind enough not only to let a potential employee down gently, but offered a nice little package as consolation for turning said new employee down.Kagome sent Japanese Twitter user @tutuanna888 a nice little package containing some modest yet useful food products. Kagome is a Japanese food and beverage company, so it makes sense that it would send out something related to its industry, but the fact that it sent something at all is a heartwarming story indeed.The surprised Kagome job hopeful received a written response from Kagome in the form of a printed note inside a package with tomato chicken seasoning and 100% tomato juice to help make her future food taste super delicious. The notecard with the package read:“We would like to offer our sincere thanks to you for applying to Kagome.We deeply appreciate your interest in us as an employer, and for taking the time to fill out the application form and prepare a resume. As a modest token of our gratitude, we have enclosed a selection of our products.We hope that you will continue to think favorably towards Kagome in the future.”カゴメが落ちた人に自社製品送ってくれるって、都市伝説じゃなかったんだ…何万通もESが来る大企業が、このおもてなし。嫌いになれるわけないよね。むしろもっと好きになった。サイレント企業見てるか?見習え? pic.twitter.com/PpoWL3XCaw— Sara (@tutuanna888) April 28, 2018If that isn’t the most touching way to let potential employees know that they’re valued, I don’t know what is. More companies could take Kagome’s lead in the future — hey, employers! Take note, you’re on notice! Let people know you still appreciate their time, even if you couldn’t hire some of them. That really does go a long way.last_img read more