SmartKeyboard An iPhone keyboard inspired by the iPad Smart Cover

first_imgThere’s always something that when we see it we think why hasn’t anyone thought of that already? The latest device in that category solves the problem of the iPhone not having a physical keyboard. True, most iPhone users get used to typing on the iPhone’s touchscreen, but it could be the lack of keyboard that turns some people off from the phone altogether. There are plenty of consumers who want a phone with a keyboard and a touchscreen, and there are certainly phones out there that offer those features. But, if you want to be part of the iPhone club, you had to go keyboard-free – until now.Jing Yang of the eico Motion Lab in China created a concept for an iPhone keyboard that uses the same magnetic solution seen in the iPad 2 Smart Covers. The SmartKeyboard, as it’s named, would be able to slide off the phone easily when you’re done using it. True, you probably wouldn’t want to snap the keyboard on and off your phone every time you use it, but judging by the video below, it looks like you could just fold it up. This also doubles as a stand for your phone or a shooting handle for when you’re taking photos. It also lays flat on the phone’s back, so that when you need it, you just flip it to the front.The SmartKeyboard also gives you more screen space since it takes up the entire bottom part of your phone. It may be about a half an inch more of space, but it’s still a nice plus. The QWERTY keyboard also has LED backlit capabilities, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to see it while using it in the dark. Plus, it will come in a variety of colors, so you’ll have plenty of options.No word on when this concept will become a reality. There’s not a real website for the product yet, but from what we could tell from the YouTube video’s comments, the design will be changing. As you can see, the keyboard goes over the Home button, so there needs to be a way to access that still. Also, there are no numbers, which will also change, gearing more towards a BlackBerry-style keyboard.via Dvicelast_img read more