Various Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network Schools Compete At Timpanogos Invitational

first_img Tags: Cross Country Brad James September 5, 2020 /Sports News – Local Various Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network Schools Compete At Timpanogos Invitational FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailOREM, Utah-Saturday, various Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network athletes competed at the Timpanogos Cross Country Invitational hosted by Timpanogos High School.In the senior girls’ 3-mile run, Juab’s Cambree Olsen placed 32nd overall (22:39.60).The junior girls’ 3-mile run saw her teammate, Michelle Bunker, finish 53rd overall (23:36.40). Meanwhile, Manti’s April Christensen placed 68th overall (24:54.40). Aireal Mower of Manti finished 91st overall (26:39.00) and Macie Slater of Juab placed 93rd overall (26:43.90). Gen Cannell of Juab finished 96th (27:13.40) with Manti’s Katelyn Nordfelt (28:52.20) and Sydney Merrill (29:11.80) finishing 100th and 102nd overall, respectively. North Sanpete’s Shelby Wilson (40:33.30) finished 108th overall.In the junior boys’ 3-mile run, Millard’s Kaydn Frampton (17:38.90) placed 22nd overall and his teammate, Evan Bell (19:06.70) finished 71st overall. Zach Rawlings of Millard placed 73rd overall (19:09.20) and his teammate, Logan LeBaron, (20:21.10) finished 95th overall. Jackson Baxter of Juab (21:02.10) finished 108th overall and Dyson Winsor of Manti finished 112th overall (21:07.20). Talma Harding of Milford finished 130th overall (22:31.30) with Juab’s Joshua Youngblood (23:22.10), Kolten Manning (23:48.00) and Ben Cannell (25:47.30) finishing 136th, 139th and 144th respectively.In the varsity girls’ 3-mile run, North Sanpete freshman Mari Briggs placed third overall (19:31.00). Senior Kinley Spaulding of Milford placed seventh overall (19:43.30). North Sanpete senior Tamsin Stewart (19:45.00) finished eighth overall and Manti junior Fiel Woods (19:55.90) finished 11th overall.Millard senior Audrey Camp (20:04.20) finished 13th overall with North Sanpte junior Aubry Cook (20:27.60) placing 16th overall. North Sanpete sophomore Madelyn Christensen (20:40.60) placed 21st. Manti sophomore Keltsy Fowles (20:43.20) placed 22nd with North Sanpete junior Rachael Jones (21:04.50) finnishing 26th. Millard junior Hannah Koyle (21:36.80) placed 34th with Manti sophomore Isabella Knudsen (21:41.10) finishing 39th.Millard junior Aimee Thurman (22:30.20) finished 59th and North Sanpete sophomore Tylee Henrie (23:10.90) placed 68th.Manti freshman Cami Merrill (23:44.00) and sophomore Kaylee Gowans (23:45.10) placed 78th and 79th respectively.Manti senior Savannah Withers (24:22.80) placed 88th overall.In the boys’ varsity 3-mile run, Juab senior Dason Day (16:27.40) finished 8th overall and North Sanpete senior Gage Cox placed 21st (17:12.20). Manti junior Josiah Carter (17:21.80) placed 28th overall and his teammate, sophomore, Tyler Taggart (17:42.90) finished 37th overall. Juab sophomore Talmage Day (18:17.30) placed 44th overall. Manti senior Jace Sweat (18:36.30) finished 56th overall. Juab junior Thomas Covington (18:41.60) placed 62nd overall while Manti junior Hunter Powell (18:42.60) and his teammate, Brayden Braithwaite (18:45.50) finished 63rd and 66th respectively.North Sanpete senior Jared Strait (18:48.30) finished 68th overall and his junior teammate, Morgan Bowles (18:53.30) finished 72nd.Manti senior Ben Johnson (19:06.20) placed 75th, tying with Jordan sophomore Andrew Poelman, and North Sanpete sophomore Ryland Cook (19:10.20) finished 79th overall.Manti sophomore Trevor Taggart (19:26.40) finished 87th overall with Juab junior Kaleb Bunker (19:47.60) and sophomores Jackson Hanks (19:48.70) and Levi Covington (19:54.40) finishing 98th-100th respectively. North Sanpete freshman Jerry Jones (21:53.80) and sophomore Tezra Fisk (24:01.00) finishing 110th and 111th overall.In the varsity boys’ elite 3-mile run, Wasatch Academy senior Christopher Korir (17:24.40) placed 119th overall.In the sophomore boys 3-mile run, Millard’s Michael Ralphs (16:58.80) placed sixth and his teammate, Camden Moat (17:11.50) placed 10th. Piute freshman Kade Severe (18:16.60) also competed in this race, placing 35th overall. His teammate, sophomore Jesse James (18:35.40) placed 44th and Piute sophomore Oakley Sylvester (18:38.40) finished 47th overall. Piute freshman Jaxon Westwood (18:44.60) placed 54th overall and his teammate, sophomore Daxon Morrill (19:02.30) placed 65th overall. Piute senior Kelby Jessen (19:42.90) placed 95th overall and Piute freshman Kole Westwood (19:46.70) placed 100th overall. Piute junior Jaden Westwood (20:14.30) placed 114th overall. Manti sophomore Brannigan Cheney (20:17.20) placed 116th overall and Piute junior Kyle Morgan (20:17.70) finished 118th overall. Manti sophomore Neils Grover (20:37.50) finished 128th overall and Juab sophomore Luke Bender (21:24.70) placed 153rd overall. Milford sophomore Brayden Fisher (21:33.50) placed 158th overall and Juab sophomore Taylor Clyde (21:43.10) placed 164th overall. Juab sophomore Reid Vernon (22:18.90) placed 180th overall and his teammate, Asher Kretchmer (22:59.10) placed 189th overall. Juab sophomore David Samuelson (23:38.90) placed 195th overall and Manti sophomore Jacob Cox (24:23.20) finished 202nd overall. Piute freshman Cooper Springer (24:31.90) placed 203rd overall and Manti sophomore James Narciso (24:56.90) placed 206th overall. Juab sophomore Cayden Chidester (25:25.20) placed 211th overall with Manti sophomore Hyrum Southworth (28:13.10) finishing 222nd overall. Piute senior Porter Trapp (31:03.10) placed 229th overall.In the sophomore girls’ 3-mile run, Milford’s Whytney Stoddard (21:47.00) placed 23rd overall. Kristen Remkes (22:06.80) of Millard finished 26th overall. Kara Camp of Millard (22:57.60) placed 40th overall. Piute sophomore Madisen Remund (24:13.10) finished 58th overall. Millard’s Imogene Cazares (24:20.80) placed 62nd overall and Saige Remund of Piute (24:50.90) placed 69th overall. Piute senior Ashley Talbot (27:17.20) finished 96th overall and her teammate, freshman Ashley Talbot (27:37.90) placed 102nd overall. Manti’s Cynthia Bishop placed 108th overall (28:32.70) and her teammate, Brielle Bratton, placed 122nd overall.In the freshman girls’ 3-mile run, Millard’s Kailey Thurman (23:04.10) placed 32nd and Milford’s Tayleah Spaulding (23:23.50) placed 37th.North Sanpete’s Brooklyn Larsen (24:12:30) placed 52nd and her teammate, Mariah Cook (25:46.00) placed 67th. Janey Christensen of Manti (25:49.60) finished 69th and North Sanpete’s Hallee Henrie (26:35.00) placed 80th. Manti’s Lina Rascon (27:51.50) and Rebeckah Bishop (27:59.90) placed 95th and 96th respectively.In the freshman boys’ 3-mile run, Milford’s Taiven Cluff (18:35.90) placed 25th. Tyler Norris of Manti (20:04.10) placed 58th and Hunter Stewart of Milford (20:17.20) finished 63rd. Lowe Rasmussen of Manti (20:49.40) finished 73rd. Kye Lewis of Manti (22:21.30) finished 106th. Juab’s Bishop Benjamin (22:27.70) placed 107th. Milford’s Gage Yardley (22:56.60) placed 111th.Juab’s Adam Bunker (23:10.40) and Nathan Bonzo (23:11.30) placed 115th and 116th respectively, with their teammate, Brandon Christensen (23:24.90) placing 118th.The individual winners in each event Saturday were as follows:Senior girls 3-mile run: Bethany Blakey-Springville (19:26.00)Senior boys 3-mile run: Tim Spiesman-American Fork (15:59.70)Junior girls 3-mile run: Laurissa Blakey-Springville (19:14.80)Junior boys 3-mile run: Carson Wall-Desert Hills (15:52.40)Varsity girls 3-mile run: Hailey Kidd-Copper Hills (18:45.30)Varsity boys 3-mile run: Jefferson McMullin-Lehi (15:33.90)Varsity girls elite 3-mile run: Caila Odekirk-Hurricane (17:34.80)Varsity boys elite 3-mile run: Brayden Packard-American Fork (14:48.50)Sophomore boys 3-mile run: Kyler Nelson-American Fork (16:31.50)Sophomore girls 3-mile run: Audrey Wright-American Fork (19:58.60)Freshman girls 3-mile run: Addilyn Orndorff-Springville (19:12.00)Freshman boys 3-mile run: JoJo Jourdan-Olympus (16:59.90) Written bylast_img read more